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Caper in the Castro (aka Murder on Main Street)

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

Caper in the Castro is the first known LGBT video game. The player assumes the role of a lesbian detective investigating the disappearance of a transgender woman in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

The game was distributed by BBS, with donations requested "to an AIDS-related charity of your choice for whatever amount you feel is appropriate". It was also adapted for mainstream audiences as Murder on Main Street, which was commercially published by Heizer Software. Both versions are included in this download.

In 2014, the creator was interviewed by Paste Magazine.

Architecture: 68k


Duality's picture
by Duality - 2018, November 26 - 5:23am

I feel the story behind this one is best told from which covers both the two edited versions of the game, its recovery on the Internet Archive, and its creator.

It seems the creator is still active at . Seeing as the people who handled the upload might not have known how to identify missing HyperCard assets, maybe the creator would happen to know what became of them?

Temporary Joe's picture
by Temporary Joe - 2018, November 26 - 4:41am

Fooling around with the programs reveals that there are missing sound components (bringing up the script box) and others ("Note Pad" appears to be broken). Neither version is particularly "better", as the "Main" version is just an edited version of "Castro", and "Castro" has some particularly over-the-top character names, starting with "You are the world famous lesbian private detective, Tracker McDyke", looking for the kidnapped drag queen "Tessy LaFemme", with the main villain being "Dullagan Straightman". The "Main Street" version changes this to "Tracker MacDuff" (not a lesbian, or at least not stated as such), with "Tessy LaReau" being a model, and the bad guy being "Dullagan Strongarm". The burned down clothing store is replaced with a burned down restaurant, and the "Red Herring Cafe" has the clip art of the characters switched so each man is seated with a woman.