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Bugdom_1.2.1.sit (47.78 MB)
MD5: c06d426590a3479f96f52988acda1464
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Bugdom.dmg (47.98 MB)
MD5: 86835af2c10a3e5ff26b4e6e85806412
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This game is still available from its publisher
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Bugdom is an incredibly diverse 3D action/adventure game for your Macintosh which is great for the entire family.


The Bugdom was once a peaceful place ruled by the Rollie Pollies and the Lady Bugs, but not long ago the Bugdom was overthrown by the clan of the Fire Ants. After recruiting other bugs to help fight for them, they captured all of the Lady Bugs and are holding them prisoner. The leader of the Fire Ants, the new king of the Bugdom, is King Thorax. Once he is defeated, the Bugdom will return to the peaceful place it used to be.

You are Rollie McFly, the only remaining bug capable of saving the Lady Bugs and restoring peace to the Bugdom. Rollie has been hiding in the Lawn area of the Bugdom and will need to travel far to get to the Ant Hill where the battle with King Thorax must take place. There will be water to cross, bugs to ride, and plenty of enemy forces to defeat, but once the Fire Ants and King Thorax have been defeated, you will become the new ruler of the Bugdom and peace will be restored.


  • Suitable for all ages!
  • Real-time 3D action!
  • Over 23 different bugs and enemies!
  • 10 huge exciting levels
  • Swim, jump, ride bugs, swing on ropes!
  • Go into bee hives and ant hills!
  • An incredible CD-quality soundtrack!

Quote from Pangea Software's Website

Note: As this game is still a shareware that requires purchasing from the developers, the full game or unlocking keys cannot be hosted at the Macintosh Garden.

The Shareware Edition for Macintosh can be unlocked by a registration code which can be purchased here.

2nd download is free game from pangea software. burn in disk utility in os x in CD or DVD. Then mount CD or DVD in Mac OS 9.
Serial at bottom of this screen

Bugdom Serial #


Architecture: PPC


Opti101's picture
by Opti101 - 2020, February 27 - 8:48pm

Is there any possible way to emulate this?

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, July 20 - 3:52am

The game is now free

Thanks. It looks as tho' all of their early titles are now a freeware. Smile

Catar4x's picture
by Catar4x - 2018, July 20 - 2:04am

The game is now free :

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, November 10 - 10:21pm

Why did you remove all updaters for the Mac OS 9 version?

Because the 1.2.1 update archive contained the full version as well as the shareware version executables. While this game is still for sale via Pangea we do not want to host or assist in warez. The full version 1.2.1 executable would allow updating the full 1.1.4 version that is locatable elsewhere.

If the update archive had contained the 1.2.1 shareware executable only, then it may have remained.

As long as Pangea is selling a license for this game we will not host or assist in its piracy. If or when that software developer stops selling this game from their website we can reassess this.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, November 10 - 8:58am

Why did you remove all updaters for the Mac OS 9 version?

G4 User's picture
by G4 User - 2016, May 23 - 12:49pm

Thanks for updating the links Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, May 20 - 11:19pm

The full game has been removed, as its serial is still a purchasable code and DL from Pangea.

The .dmg of the shareware archive for v1.2.1 was also removed as it is the same file as whats available for DL on the Pangea page for Mac OS 9 and is not for Mac OS X (albeit it being in an OS X .dmg wrapper). AFAIK, there is no X native version of Bugdom 1.x

The shareware copy of v1.2.1 in the .sit wrapper has been retained, as it is immediately accessible to native Mac OS 9.x and earlier systems.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, May 19 - 3:49pm

OK, I have uploaded the full version v1.1.4 and the shareware version v1.2.1 for Mac OS 9/X. I also added the updater to v1.2.1, that you might use on the v1.1.4 full version (I did not try this).

I found and uploaded also the demo version and updater to v1.24 for the Windows version.

G4 User's picture
by G4 User - 2016, May 18 - 7:08am

Thanks Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, May 17 - 11:31pm

@G4 User: See the MG page "Ten for X Games" (Bugdom 2 if it helps)

G4 User's picture
by G4 User - 2016, May 17 - 1:48pm

Hey guys, does anybody have this classic game Wink, Because I cannot find it on the internet now, If anybody have Please share the link. Thanks Smile

almightyM's picture
by almightyM - 2016, May 17 - 11:29pm

This game indeed was bundled with OS9 a few times, a problem is that this is an OEM version and when you simply copy it from an iMac Restore CD to a PowerMac G4 (for example), it will not start but show the message "this copy is not licensed for your system."
So one would need to upload a version for free... Do they actually still sell this game??

sfp1954's picture
by sfp1954 - 2014, April 7 - 9:59pm

It's on my iMac 9.0.4 restore CD.

iBook_Clamshell's picture
by iBook_Clamshell - 2014, April 7 - 8:47pm

Can anybody make this a free download? Puzzled

A Laggy Grunt's picture
by A Laggy Grunt - 2013, February 11 - 1:36am

Runs on 3DFX hardware, but your 2D card draws the cursor and your status bar. If you don't pass your 2D card's signal through your Voodoo (use one screen for 2D, one for 3D), you can see everything, but clicking "start" is a pain.

jebug29's picture
by jebug29 - 2012, March 9 - 4:21am

Oh my gosh! It's Bugdom! I always used to play this in the gifted program before the school got rid of all the iMac G3's!!!

Thundersock's picture
by Thundersock - 2010, November 20 - 6:20pm

Crashes on Sheepshaver.

Harrymatic's picture
by Harrymatic - 2010, March 22 - 8:54pm

Used to play this on my friends iMac years ago, it's not bad but the levels are too repetitive.

kargaroc586's picture
by kargaroc586 - 2009, December 30 - 10:40am

We used to have this on iMac G3 computers at our elemenary school (for absolutely no reason).
It's an OK game