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Arc of Doom

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Arc_of_Doom.toast_.sit (317.09 MB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Basilisk II,

An alien race targets the earth. As a result, the earth undergoes massive natural disasters on a global scale, ranging from earthquakes to volcanoes. Countries suffer economic crises as food sources grow scarce. As a result, the Redmond Institute sends Alpha Team to investigate a UFO sighting. Alpha Team vanishes. This is where you come in. You take the role as the leader of Beta Team, and your mission is to pick up where Alpha Team left off. You customize your character by editing basic stats, which include: strength, reflexes, intelligence, spirit, and education. Then you choose from a roster of personnel to assist you.

The Earth is under attack by aliens. They have started disasters all across the globe, including volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. The Redmond Institute sent Alpha Team to stop them. They failed. Your mission is to find out what happened to Alpha Team, and continue their mission to the underwater alien base.

Arc of Doom is an educational adventure game; pick your stats, pick a partner, (your choices will change the story) and explore the Redmond Institute. Talk to everybody, inspect everything, and watch your back.

Excerpt: MobyGames

Alternative DL: Arc of DOOM.sit (Mediafire)



schtolteheim's picture
by schtolteheim - 2013, November 24 - 1:24pm

Stap waining! Here it is.

While the learning part is really interesting, the embarrassing story mode is for hard-boiled trash fans only.

SuperMew98's picture
by SuperMew98 - 2013, November 24 - 5:22am

The link is dead. :'(

Gordon Bennett's picture
by Gordon Bennett - 2009, December 7 - 6:26am

Very nice, not terribly well-known game from the multimedia-cdrom era. This one has more care and detail put into the story than most. There is enough to keep you occupied for a while before the game even begins.

Very nice to find here. I bought this ages ago and found a (rather unstable and prone to crash) Windows version inside my Mac jewel case.