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Download Abuse.SIT (4.60 MB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

A Mac OS X version is available ( but it is not very reliable.

You are Nick Vrenna. It is the year 2009. You have been falsely incarcerated inside a high security underground prison where illegal genetic experiments are taking place. Alan Blake, the head research scientist, has isolated the specific gene which causes violence and aggression in humans. This genetic sequence, called 'Abuse', is highly infectious, causing horrific transformations and grotesque side-effects. You are the only person to show immunity to it...

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Abuse for PC


Architecture: 68k PPC


by CalTheOnly - 2014, August 16 - 7:50am

I thinks that's where I played this one too. Great bungie title

Jonas Kvale's picture
by Jonas Kvale - 2014, March 30 - 7:38pm

This game was so fun....
I owned the 9 Big Ones Games of Fame game pack with 9 full classic games, and some great demos, and this was one of the demos. Now I can have the full thing! This game is bloody hard, but a royal pleasure when you blow those mutants sky high!

by CyBrChRsT - 2010, August 7 - 9:27am

Retro sweetness!

by Foxtrot - 2010, May 16 - 2:04pm

I have an old savegame at level 13. Tried it in SheepShaver now and it works great.

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2010, April 22 - 5:02am

I havent played in bout a year, but pretty sure ive almost finished. I'm on this part where theres this big drop into a room, you have the jet-pack power up. Fall all the way down to the bottom and theres 3 switch light things you godda move over, once those are lit I had to go left and right of the screen.

Activate couple of actual switches. After that about 5 or 6 hard core flame throwing homing ships spawn outta nowhere to own you Tongue by that stage you only have a limited amount of ammo. The last time I attempted it I got down to one ship, they're bloody fast and kinda magnetize to you.

Lemme know,

P.s they dont really come outta nowhere, you see them folded up in the top corners of the screen, then once all the switches are active they come out from each side like a pack of cards.

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2010, April 21 - 10:33pm

Let me know how far you can get without cheating... challenging as hell!

by ImAhNoBoDy - 2009, August 21 - 12:28pm

One of the best games I've ever played when I was younger...but that was the demo. I can finally play the full version. Thanks.

by HughMungus - 2009, August 21 - 6:02am

anyone know how to enable cheats on the os x version? it doesn't seem to have the 'screen options' feature mentioned in the above link. i got way deep into this game a long time ago but i still can't make it past this timed 'turret jump'-it's frickin' impossible. a little godmode might help

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2009, August 8 - 1:24pm

Awesome game. Playing it for the first time right now and really enjoying it. Can't wait to show it to my "I'm Mr. Turrican" friend, he'll spend the whole night to finish it Smile))

Thanks for sharing ..

by Anonymous (not verified) - 2009, May 7 - 2:34am

A very challenging, unique, revolutionary, and overall great game that was another step in Bungie's goal to rule the video game market.

by watchsmart - 2009, April 27 - 10:30am

Tested and works in Basilisk II running SSW 7 and later.

Edit: Changed 'xxx 7' to 'SSW 7' - IIGS User