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Zip files of classic Mac games

If possible it would be nice to upload more classic Mac games in zip format. For example: Shufflepuck,Pararena,etc. I am sorry if I am asking too much. I think this would save a lot of time and frustration for a lot of people. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.


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I think this is a silly idea. Stuffit Deluxe has been the standard on Mac since forever. Mac files and apps have Data Forks and Resource Forks, which are usually lost when zipping (they are CERTAINLY LOST if decompressed with regular zip software under Windows...

Since many users here are emulating Mac via vMac or Basillisk etc, and free Stuffit Expanders are available, and it is compatible with virtually every version of the OS, and it doesn't damage files...I thoroughly recommend Stuffit over Zip.

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There's a guide here: which discuss why zip should be avoided as a general archive format for Classic Mac files in common. Exception is images of volumes; CD-ROMs, HDDs, which aren't to be expanded but mounted in a Classic system, linked to a emulator or burned/written back to original media and format.
And as said above; zip kills the old file format and you're really not interested in expanding an application where it can't be executed or even read.
So IMHO, stay with .sit or at least .hqx or .bin Wink

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Cant harm much to add a for a couple of old games.
Sure ZIP is not an alternative for vintage Macs, but thinking of the emulators and users just wanting to play some oldies on an Android mobile - not much to say against it methinks.

Added the two games as zipped images - happy gaming!

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I have the exact opposite request. I’m using a real 68K Mac, and while Macintosh Garden is an absolutely fantastic place for finding old software, the fact that many of the downloads are available only in zipped .dsk format requires a lot of extra steps. Rather than simply just copying a .sit file over to my 68K Mac, I have to start OS X, start an emulator, make new disk images / archives, and then copy the files over to my 68K Mac. It would be great if files could primarily be uploaded in archive or image formats compatible with the original hardware.

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I agree, conservation of the software in their original form (disk image, CD image) should be top priority, as everything else (disk images for emulators) can be done from this starting point. The reverse direction is almost always not possible. But it is nothing wrong to add such a disk image for emulation for convenience as an additional download.