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Wupload Access?

Hi all,

Ive seen a few download links that take you to Wupload. Can anyone tell me/us what the logins for these files are? I understand the need for security and such, i know there are many assholes out there that would take advantage of things or screw them up for the rest of us...but we're not all like that.



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I think such logins can't be made public, because some peoples would change the login data,
w/l telling so.

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i can appreciate that, im sure there plenty of people that would intentionally mess with things just to ruin it all for us.

in that case is it possible to find out who provided the link for the download in the first place, and them request the login info off them?

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is it possible to find out who provided the link for the download in the first place

Yes, After you login you can click a "Revisions" link near top of an app page that you're interested in. The oldest name in the revisions entries will be who 1st uploaded (or listed) the item, and if additional revisions were made you can also work out who made those at the time via the list entries' "Changes".

You can also post a comment on the item's page that you're interested in. This pushes the item to the top of the "Recent Changes" tracker page. Going to the "recent changes" page then shows the item (and the name of the original poster of the item).

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ah cheers chaps, good to know! now to hunt down those uploaders! Laughing out loud