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WindowScript 1.5 add on for Hypercard

I recently picked up a manual and disk (pristine condition) for WindowScript by Heizer software. It allows you to add dialog boxes and popup windows to Hypercard.

I don't have a machine with a working floppy (my classic intermittently reads floppies and I'm afraid to damage this disk). If this package is of interest let me know and I'll mail the disk and manual to someone who can image it for the site.



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Is it a 1.44MB disk? There are generic 1.44MB USB floppy drives floating around an eBay that won't cost you much.

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I was recently looking through my disks, and it seems that my version of WindowScript is damaged beyond repair. Still loved it, and it was a good addition to my CompileIt and DoubleXX tools (Heizer support Smile ).

Anyone has copy somewhere ?


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Perhaps if you dropped a note into rlawson's guestbook (click his username, above) and asked him if he still has this? He may have it still. Notes left in user's guestbooks are emailed to user's who have this enabled as an option (rlawson does). Even better if he could be helped out with his original request.