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Win98 on VirtualPC 7

installing Windows 98 in Mac VirtualPC 7 is a giant pain in the buttocks - as is updating the system now that Microsoft has disabled Windows update for old OS's.

So - for the benefit of others - if anybody is interested - I can offer a copy of my "machine" which is still fairly clean:

Windows 98 SE
"unofficial" service pack (there several of these out there; the one I chose seemed to be limited to official updates and hotfixes and very few, if any, unofficial patches)
IE 6 SP1
Windows Media Player 9
DirectX 8.1b

MS Office Pro 97 SP2b
Adobe Reader 6
CCleaner 2.29
CutePDF (and Ghostprint Lite) - because shared printing doesn't work with Win98 in VPC7

compressed, the machine is 444 mb - I can upload it here if the Admins permit