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Joined: 2009 Oct 25
Willing to host

Hey guys. I know we have been getting lots of spam lately. I'm willing to host quite a few files on my server (just as a simple archive, no info, just download links). Let me know if this is a good idea....


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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

Thank you for your effort, it is a very good idea to add another d/l mirror.

You could either merge a link to the file(s ) you upload into the game's description or edit the depending page and put the d/l link into the field 'Link to game instead?:'.

At this place, I need to ask the admins, if it would be possible to add multiple 'Link to game instead?:' fields.

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I think its a great idea, so feel free to start archiving. Just post back here to tell us your website or archive location so if mac garden goes down i'll have a place to get my beloved mac games.

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I also have a bunch of disk space and a fair amount of available bandwidth. However I'm not sure which stuff is in higher demand. I've kind of waited around hoping the topic would come up since I wouldn't want to just arbitrarily try to re-host files with no idea what is most-downloaded and etc.