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Joined: 2019 Apr 24
Who wants some floppies?

I'm new to the forum. First post.

I have a SuperDisk Drive that's difficult to use sometimes because the floppy disks I have are over 20 years old. I'm trying to get rid of a few commercial floppy disks, some of which I can't even use because they are DS/DD, and I need a contact to whom I can mail them. Let me know who wants them. Otherwise, they are garbage.

I know some are already on the web site.

Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit, Version 7.90
Dr Solomon's Virex, Virus Update, 3 disks, copyright 1997
Aladdin Spring Cleaning, Copyright 1996
FWB Toolkit, CD-ROM Toolkit, Ver. 1.6.3 H, copyright 1994
Gravis Firebird
Spirit Technologies Red Line!, The Ultimate High Speed CD-ROM Device Driver Software, copyright 1993 and 1994
Microsoft Flight Simulator, Version 4.0, copyright 1991
Davidson Alge-Blaster 3, Version 1.0, 2 disks
Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher 4, copyright 1997

Tell me where to mail them. Which brings a suggestion: provide community domestic Post Office Box mailing addresses for those who are dedicated to receiving, handling and uploading such things.

I have other suggestions, and as this is my first post on the forum, I'd like to mention that I have web servers and could mirror the archive. Let me know if there is any script or if I just do an rsync or wget in cron, for example, and if it matters for me to provide a mirror.


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Joined: 2019 Apr 24

I'm also looking to sell 206 used blank FAT-formatted floppy disks (HD, 1.44 MB), 1 Superdisk FAT-formatted floppy disk (120 MB), 1 Superdisk Drive version 2 (with power and USB cords) and 1 floppy organizer case with floppy disk labels.

I posted this on the IRC, but received no responses.