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Where to find Newton WiFi drivers?

I have been trying to find a PCMCIA wifi card that works with the Newton, with little luck. I have a Netgear MA401, which should be supported, but my MP2000 doesn't recognize it. I tried looking around for Newton WiFi drivers, but even UNNA doesn't have any. (Unless they have been moved somewhere else)

I read that installing the MoreWifi driver should fix it, but I needed to install the Hiroshi WiFi driver (Which doesn't seem to be archived anywhere, either), and the Lantern driver, which gives a -9999 error in NewtonPress when trying to install it.

Can someone give me some advice on getting WiFi working on this card (Or a suggestion for a card with native Newton support)?


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The best advice can be found here at, where you will also find all the drivers you need, including the Newton WaveLAN driver by Hiroshi.

The best cards are the Lucent Orinoco Gold or Silver cards (you can find these on eBay, around £40) or an old Farallon Skyline PC adapter (which I use, as the Orinoco Silver I have in my Newton 2100 was broken when my cats knocked it off the desk).

It's also worth trying to find an early version of Simon Bell's wonderful NCX to use with older versions of Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 (though this can be tricky and I will send or upload a version if that would be helpful).