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What OS for my PowerBook 1400c?

Hi All, since I am struggling mightily to get software to run on my powerbook 1400c the
question arises. Which version of Mac OS should I be running on my Mac. The System is
a PowerPC 603e running at 117mhz, it has 32mgs of ram installed and Virtual ram is set
at 32mgs. I am using a 1 gig hard drive. I am currently running Mac OS 9.1. A lot of the
software I am trying to use requires MacTCP, only OS 9.1 doesn't use it, it uses MacTCP DNR.
This is obviously not the same thing. So I am open to suggestions as to what OS would be
best for my set up?
Thanks in advance for the advice
Brad Hansen


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On this Mac I would not run any higher than Mac OS 8.1 (for less RAM hogging but still with HFS+ support).

With 32MB RAM on board, I would also install RAM Doubler 8 with OS 8.1

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I liked 7.6 best with my PPC 7100 (MPC 601), but you would get the old style MacOS handling and would have to part with HFS+. On the gain side would be the fastest MacOS of that time with little RAM demand.
7.6 wants about 14MB RAM fully loaded, compared to ca. 26MB with 8.6.
Maybe try the OS in question, 7.6.1, 8.1 and 8.6 with SheepShaver to determine wich one you like best.
MacOS 9 imho was only good for preparing grounds for the upcoming X.

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Great information and a lot to chew on.