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Let me start a new thread with an idea that in a way captures that shared feeling so others can chime in Smile

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Office 2011 with all patches when it's allowed.

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Late '04 1.2 GHz iBook G4 that the previous owner put another 512MB of RAM into, bumping it to 768 total (how kind! Big smile). it's doing quite swimmingly, and it's really nice to reunite with Tiger (and PPC! and Classic!) after so long.
really want to get a proper OS 9 machine some day... until then, I've also got SheepShaver going on a 2016 MBP, though I haven't touched it (SheepShaver, that is) in a while.

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I download software from the Garden with a late 2011 MacBook Pro (which is a backup to my main computer, a 2020 27" iMac). I have a working Macintosh SE with 40MB hard drive and 2MB RAM, and a mostly working Macintosh 512K with 800KB floppy and enhanced ROMs. The floppy drive on the 512K stopped working after I removed it to clean the heads. Maybe I disturbed the heads and they now need alignment. I have an eBay "for parts" spare 800KB floppy drive, but it too does not work. I transfer files from the MBP to the SE via a serial link, but I need advice about how to transfer floppy images to the SE and write the images to floppy disks.