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Joined: 2011 Mar 27
WebStar 4.5

WebStar 4.5 is AFAIK the last version for Mac OS 8 - 9 and I can't find it anywhere. It even has a MacUpdate page but the links to the 4D FTP server are broken.

I am especially interested in the G4 optimized version. Any help appreciated.



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Joined: 2016 Sep 21

Hi Beavix (and others!)

I have also been looking for WebStar 4.5 -- I recently found a copy on eBay, but the seller lost it before they shipped it. Anyone out there happen to have WebStar 4.x?

Thanks all,

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Joined: 2016 Sep 21

Just wanted to repost that I'm still looking for this if anyone happens to come across it. Thanks!

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Joined: 2020 Jan 10

Hello, if you're still looking for version 4.x, I've just uploaded v4.4 on the Garden (see existing WebSTAR page). Enjoy!

(sorry for necro-ing, I just realise we're 3 years later, haha)