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Vintage Macintosh Magazines (Part I)

The concept of abandonware doesn't apply only to software and books, it also covers the vast field of magazines. There is nothing better than a magazine to see computer history in the making. And to find a lot of hints and tips about your favorite vintage computer/OS. Here are the best examples I have found for the Macintosh in English language. Feel free to add your own discoveries. French language magazines will follow soon in my next post.

1) MacWorld

The prestigious magazine that doesn't need any presentation. At, you can find the complete MacWorld magazine collection from April 1984 to December 2005. Issues from January 2006 to October 2014 are still missing. Scans in PDF format.

Vintage Macworld Magazine Library

Also available at the Internet Archive in different formats:

2) MacUser

The well-known runner up. Again at, you can find the complete MacUser magazine collection from October 1985 to October 1997. MacUser has merged with MacWorld in November 1997. Scans in PDF format.

Vintage Macuser Magazine Library

Also available at the Internet Archive in different formats:

3) MacAddict

This magazine now known as MacLife (still alive today!) was named MacAddict between September 1996 to February 2007. Most of the issues of those years are available at the Internet Archive (different formats).

4) Byte Magazine

The highly respected computer magazine that has contributed to ignite the computer revolution in the middle of the 70s. Not specialized in the Macintosh but our beloved machine has been often covered in their pages over the years. Scans in PDF format at, more formats at the Internet Archive.

Vintage Byte Magazine Library

BYTE Magazine Collection

BYTE Magazine Rescans


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I have scanned some of the early issues of the U.K. Mac magazine Mac Format and made them available on this site. All of the images of the CDs and the early floppies are also available here.

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I know MacFormat. A great magazine available in newsstands in Montréal. I am surprised that I had still not seen any complete collection of the first decade somewhere on the Net.

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MacFormat was for me about as good as it got for Mac Magazines, and I do find it surprising that it's not up on the Internet Archive alongside it's sister mags from Future Publishing (Amiga/ST/Commodor Format), still quite gutted that the ones I used to have (spanning '95 to '07ish) got accidentally thrown out a couple of years ago. It had a pretty upbeat and less than completely serious vibe that was really enjoyable to read.

In comparison, I had a flick through a few of the old MacWorlds and was quite taken aback that it seemed to be 70% advertisements, and content that was a lot dryer.

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Macformat is still going strong. I get every month's issue put aside at the local magazine shop and have a collection of almost every issue sitting on the bookshelf - it starts at issue 3 (I don't think the first two were sold here) and is missing half-a-dozen issues at most that over the years for one reason or other never turned up in shops here. Smile

American magazines, especially the older ones, tend to have a lot of adverts and super-serious writers, with rather dismal layout. The UK magazines tend to be more light-hearted, with fewer (or at least less noticeable) adverts, and a much easier to read layout. These days a lot of the content is duplicated in the UK and US versions of Macworld, so there's no real difference. (It seems to be an "American culture" thing - I do a newsletter which is currently being run by an older American woman who always wants to make the pictures smaller, or removed, and shovel in as much text as she can. Sad )

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I could add some printed magazines written in German language:

Macwelt Archiv-CD 2008
MACup Komplett '94

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If you want a well-curated collection of MacAddict with some commentary, you can get it from -- better put together than at We copied some to before Bob was finished scanning [edit: it looks like he's finished the process now... but you don't get his writing ABOUT the scans if you go to].

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I was looking in one of my older Macintosh Bible editions (one that covered only the Mac II and the Classic Macs), and it mentioned that there was such thing as the "Mac II Review" newsletter. Wonder if any copies even exist...