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View YouTube ResEdit.

Hi All!
I read this:
, but I can't find that "verse" called name folder.
Please help me detailed if you can.

Danke: Tristan


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vers isn't a folder (despite what the original post at that link says). "vers" is one of the resources you will find in the Flash plug-in when you open it using ResEdit.

Although that trick might work from some YouTube videos, it won't work for any that actaully require functions in the newer version of Flash. You're better off using a YouTube grabbing website and downloading the video ... although you'll probably also need to convert it to view it under OS 9's movie players.

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That was 7 years ago that people were trying that. FLVs are almost all h.264 based now (inside an FLV container). It was pretty hit and miss then (I only got it to work about half the time).