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Util for SSW 6.0.x on newer HW.

I do not remember the name of the tool that I am looking for, so here is a short description.

I am looking for an old tool that takes a System Software 6.0.x system and updates it using some resources from Mac OS 8.1 to allow System Software 6.0.x to run on newer Macintosh computers, including most Old World PowerPC systems. Does any one know the name of the utility?

I used to have the above described utility, though it must be on one of my Floppy backups that has been corrupted, it is great for any one that likes the older style SSW, and/or wants to run some of the older application software.

If any one has a copy of this utility I would appreciate its presence, and I would guess that there are others that would as well.


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No System 6 can run on PPC. The kernel (“System”) would need to be exchanged - and if this happens, it is not System 6 any longer. Sorry for the bad news.

There’s Kaleidoscope, that mimicks the look&feel of BeOS, Windows or System 6 on newer Macs, but only the look …

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FOR CORRECTION: Please See My Next Post

Now Now the "Kernel" could not be modified before Mac OS 8.6, as the OS Kernel was in ROM not part of the disk based System Software, and it remained almost identical from the Macintosh Plus's 128KB ROM. And it was not referred to as a kernel, though rather the Operating System part of the ROM.

It seems that many have forgotten the architecture of the Macintosh System Software, meaning the releases of the System Software beginning with the 1983 version of the System software (once the Resource Manager was completed) and continuing through the Mac OS 8.1 release. This is as follows:

--Resource Manager.
--Memory Manager.
--Window Manager.
--Sound Manager.
--Com ToolBox
--Window Manager
--Menu Manager
--Dialog Manager
--Event Manager
--Control Manager
-- ETC.
--HW Drivers.
--Open Firmware (Minamal only on PCI PowerPCs, can only load the Macintosh ROM from ROM).
--Initialization code for HW.
--Some Utility Routines.

System (File)
--Some patch and management code, some Windowing extensions (SSW 7 up), etc.
--Font Resources (until SSW 7.1).
--Sound Resources.
--System Management Resources.
--Error Management Resources.
--The desktop disk management UI.
Control Panales:
--Simple Driver model based ACCs with a section for INIT installation on boot.
--Simple applications that are based on the Driver model to allow tasking.
--Boot time installing INITs.

And that is the basic (highly simplified) architecture of the Macintosh System Software. As well as why the PM G3 was the last Macintosh computer produced by Apple.

FOR CORRECTION: Please See My Next Post

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Beat me to it, second with the Kaleidoscope set that mimiced OS 7's Platinum feel.

Don't remember anything else for OS 8 and above that could allow OS 6 and OS 7 SSW to oerate.

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I know that the util would patch SSW 6.0.8 to run on a Quadra, because that is what I used to use it for, and its documentation said that it would run on PowerPC Macintoshes as well (using the ROM built in 68LC040 emulation), it claimed to use just a couple of resources from Mac OS 8.1 to allow it to run, apparently it also patched a couple things that were not 100% 32-bit clean (most of system 6 was 32 bit clean code and there were a number of tools to allow you to enable 32-bit addressing). The modified result still reported it self as System Software 6.0.8 and only took about 400KB KB of RAM + Finder memory (Or MultiFinder if you are using it). Though I guess it was technically a hybrid of SSW 6.0.8 and Mac OS 8.1.

Obviously it will not run applications that are not 32-Bit clean Smile.

As to rather it actualy does allow SSW 6.0.x to run on a PowerPC I do not yet know, though it worked for every Quadra and Centris that I ever owned.

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Sorry, I think you want to troll here. Technically I can’t believe what you state, so a short proof of it should be easy to get: a Tidbit’s article, a Info-Mac-CD-mentioning, whatever.

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Ok I will attempt to find something referencing it. I did not realize that it was so uncommon.

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My appology I seem to have made a couple of minor errors in the orginization of the ROM based Softwere. Here is a quick correction for that part:

** ROM BASED ***
UI ToolBox:
--Resource Manager
--Font Manager
--Toolbox Event Manager
--Window Manager
--Control Manager
--Menu Manager
--Dialog Manager
--Desk Manager
--Scrap Manager
--Toolbox Utilities
--Package Manager
Operating System (What today would be called a Kernel):
--Memory Manager
--Segment Loader
--Operating System Event Manager
--File Manager
--Device Manager
--Disk Driver
--Sound Driver
--Serial Driver
--Vertical Retrace Manager
--System Error Handler
--Operating System Utilities
-- Some other low drivers (Machine Specific).

Hard Disk Driver (Sometimes)
System (File) (Some of these services were relocated to ROM in later ROM versions)
--Serial Driver
--Printing Manager
--AppleTalk Manager
--Disk Initialization Package
--FLoating Point Package
--Transcendental Functions Package
--BCD Conversion Package
--International Utilities Package
--Standard File Package
Seperate Files
--CDEVs/Control Panals (I think that these started with SSW 4, not sure).
--Desktop Accessories (Stored as resources in the System file before SSW 7).
The Shell:
--MultiFinder (the only Finder for System Software 7 through Mac OS 8.1).
--AtEase (Optional on some SSW versions).
--((Optional User Shell)).


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I know there is software that will let you run OS9.2.2 on machines that only support up to 9.1 (PowerBooks? etc). There is also software that will let you install Mac OS X 10.5.x on PPC machines that are not supported. It is my guess that these "fool" the OS to think it is running on supported hardware. I believe that OS8.1 was installed on some early G3 iMacs. Even MacOS9.2.2 will still run a LOT of System 6 software (well, SOME). Why would you want to run System 6 on a PPC machine in the first place???

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Because there are still applications that I use that refuse to run under MultiFinder (and by extension the finder of SSW 7 and newer) that are 32-bit clean.

I am still looking for a reference to the utility as I have time. I remember that the first time I saw it was shortly after the release of Mac OS 8.1 (with in 2 years thereof), so If any remembers what year Mac OS 8.1 was released it may help me find it. I originally obtained it from one of the System 6 Freeware sites that used to be plentiful, I am hoping that the site is still around (though I can not remember which one Sad ). I am also looking through the MacTech Archives hoping to find something, even a passing reference.

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