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USB For Powerbook g3 (wallstreet)

I have a powerbook g3 running os9 and need to get app files to it via memory stick (i'm sick of having 2 waste cd-r's as it doesn't read cd-rw) where can I buy a USB PC card compatible with os 9?


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When I had one of these, I used a Compact Flash PCMCIA card adapter to get photos from my Kodak / Minolta / Nikon cameras. Initially anyway. Then I started to use it with a 1GB and 4GB CF card.

If your other computer can get stuff onto some sort oc camera card / phone card, all you need is the PCMCIA card adapter for it, almost certainly Compact Flash (still used in all professional cameras) or Mini Secure Digital (SD). Micro SD used in phones almost always come with a Mini SD adapter.

This would be seriously faster than a USB v1 card.

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and did you mean this:
would this work?:

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The USB card you have linked to would most likely not work, as the USB cable shown is required to provide additional power to the card for it to function, and the Wallstreet models have no built in USB connections. However, it should actually be possible to power the card off the mouse / keyboard socket if you are willing to make an adaptor.

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Which other computers do you own, couldn´t you move some files via SCSI or Ethernet?
Dave or PCMacLan have been useful back in the days of yonder.
A free online storage might be nice for file swapping too.