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Joined: 2013 Jan 22
USB to modem/printer port adapter?

I'd like to connect the macman midi interface to my powerbook g4 for use under os9.
Does anyone know of a good usb adapter?


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Joined: 2011 Jul 21

I did this connection using a Stealth PCI Serial board in a Powermac G4. The card obviously won't work in a Powerbook.

Before I went the PCI card route, I looked high and low for a serial <-> USB device but came up dry.


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Why not just use a Midiman USB 2x2? I have had one working with OMS and USB on my G3 Pismo.
Depends on your host application and if you're using OMS or FreeMidi. OS9 drivers are still on line from M-Audio for the MidiMan.

There were serial cards for desktops. But the only thing I know of for laptops are USB<->ADB adapters made by Griffin. The Griffin i-Mate.

I have about 7 Working Powerbook G3 Wallstreet - if they have enough power for you. I buy all the ones that nobody bids on and restore them.

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for more info on this u can try to look at forum under the audio interface + midi area.. i have some posts on this info there.. specifically which driver to use to get a keyspan adapter to work properly.. having gone thru this with someone else recently