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Uptime Disk Images

I have a bunch of disks from a monthly shareware subscription service called "Uptime". I think they're all 800k (512k/Plus era). Most of the software on them is already on Macintosh Garden I think. Would it make sense for me to UL the disk images to MG if they are still working disks, or do these types of curated collections make no sense to have on MG?

As a side note, are there any System 7 apps that will make a text file with a printout of a disk's directory structure and files written to it?


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Yes please. Do upload these. You could either upload them to a page individually or as a single collection of disk images. Either way would be great.

Side note: Virtual Disk or Disk Tracker 1.x & DiskTracker 2.0.2 will create text printouts in Systems 7.0 and above. Disk Tracker 2 requires a Mac II (68020) or higher CPU, I'm not sure about DiskTracker 1.x - VirtualDisk will run on any Mac that can run SSW 7.0.

[Edit] DiskTracker 1.x requires any Macintosh and SSW 7.0 or later. Between DiskTracker and VirtualDisk, DiskTracker is the "more nicer to look at" of the two.