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Uploads to the Garden and associated Download issues

If you upload a file - suppose this file is named somefile.sit - M-Garden will often add an underscore and number to the filename renaming the file to somefile_0.sit (without asking). The "Download button" carrying a http://s3.amazonaws.comlink however, will be pointing to the original filename's name that got uploaded e.g. "somefile.sit" and it will invariably fail...

For example, if I upload "somefile.sit" and then click the "Download button" getting the response:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

It's not just me who gets this error, correct?

It is invariably because the M Garden has added an "underscore + number" onto the downloads filename and has not passed this info on to s3.amazonaws. It instead appears to pass on the original uploaded filename and not what the file is now renamed as.

It is faster and more reliable for a registered member to download a troublesome file by choosing to "Edit" the page then right-click onto the actual (altered by M Garden) filename's link, such as somefile.sit's link now named:

This almost guarantees a successful DL - However I don't think that this is how it should be done.

I'm of the opinion that this is a Macintosh Garden upload bug and not a problem with s3.amazonaws

But its just my opinion and I could be wrong. Anyone?


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What exactly is s3.amazonaws ?

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It's a file hosting service from Amazon, used for conveniently hosting large numbers of files. It's really often used for stuff like user uploads, on websites. An example would be, all of the photos on a social networking site like Facebook, or, all of the mp3s uploaded on a musicians' community.

More info here:

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Amazon Web Services. It looks like they're hosting either all the files or those over a certain size, ie. 1MB.

So it's either the site PHP, or amazon who are renaming the file. This can happen automatically in PHP if we upload a file with a filename already in use.

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We covered all this a long time ago; I'm sure there's an old forum post or something that probably should be stickied so that we can find it easily whenever someone new is curious about it. Or maybe just sticky this one.

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I noticed that this is still an issue for a number of files - e. g. has the file renamed to Ambiance_1.sit (probably automatically by PHP, I guess). Is there any way to manually fix these links?