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Upgrade from Tiger to Leopard PPC without a fresh install?

On my main eMac G4 I have Mac OS 9.2.2 and 10.4.11 dual boot currently. I’m interested in updating from Tiger to Leopard. I’ve tried burning the full 8GB install DVD, it can be mounted in Mac OS X but none of my Macs will boot a burned dual layer DVD+R. Is remote install from Leopard an option? Or USB boot? I’m not sure how to make a bootable USB leopard install.

Is it possible to do a Mac OS X upgrade without wiping my Mac OS 9 system folder or my personal files?


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Yes, an 8GB partitioned USB thumb drive is very possible. That is, I had no problems installing 10.5 onto my eMac this way.

It doesn't work for every Mac, I couldn't use the same methods on my G4 iBook, but my eMac was no problem.

There is also a disk partition tool here that works for preserving existing partitions...


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I have you tried Carbon Copy Cloner. It clone one system to other drive. It can make bootable drives.

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One thing I've done that works pretty good is if you have a small firewire external hard drive, you can basically "Restore" the cdr/iso file to a hard drive, instead of burning it to a disc. Then Option-Start, boot from it and it will act just like a CD/DVD. This also can work on other systems like Windows and Linux too (although often better in USB for those systems. Since installers don't have Finder, the HD's RW thing isn't a problem.

P.S. It is also possible to partition the HD to have multiple installers available on it (Easy on Mac, but doesn't always work for Windows/Linux)