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Unused content in Mac games

I'm currently a co-admin of The Cutting Room Floor Wiki (see this link), where we document prototypes, revision/regional differences, obscure easter eggs (dev messages exposed through hex editing also count), and, of course, unused content tucked away in video games.

I'm curious if anyone's found anything that didn't go used in a Mac game. The most luck I've had so far is finding developer messages easily exposed with ResEdit.

At the moment, I'm converting the stuff from over to the wiki.

If anyone wants to edit the wiki, make sure to check the help page.


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Well, here is a possibly unused cheat mode for Pac-in-Time.
It may or may not be because it DOES exist in Fury of the Furries and can be accessed by typing "PLEASE NOT TOO ROUGH!!!!" on the select a new game screen.
If anyone can access it in Pac-in-Time, I would really like to know!

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I'll be sure to add this to the wiki soon. Also, there are some dev messages hidden in Marathon 1 and 2. I've got the Pathways into Darkness page up , but it's incomplete at the moment. The prototype demo-thingy has an additional crystal, removed from the final version completely.

Actually, the Mac version of Doom has some hidden buttons on a copy of the title screen. Use ResEdit on the main program to see what I mean. I can't recall the details, but they certainly weren't in the PC version.

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Wanted to add that I am not sure that the Pac-in-Time cheat menu is even implemented. I was able to hack codes for the cheats in Fury of the Furries, but they did nothing when ported to Pac-in-Time, even though I am sure I had the adresses correct.

Also, here are some interesting menus in Prince of Persia 2:

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A lot of the Ambrosia titles (Bubble Trouble, Apieron, Escape Velocity, etc.) have hidden content. I think either EV or Apieron has the MST3K "He tried to kill me with a forklift" sound clip hidden in it. It's been a long time.

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Bubble Trouble has dialog box leftover from when the game was in beta testing. Cythera seems to have some kind of cheat mode yet to be discovered (These strings were extracted from a RAM dump). (OK, I'm stretching this topic quite a bit with this, but it's still something not really well known)

Cheat mode activated
Cheat mode deactivated
Jump from [%x,%x,%x]:
Level: %x
X: Y:
Take teleporter:
Spam create obj:
Data1: %d
Data2: %.3x, %3x
Current time = %8x, day %d
What prop # (0-%x):
#%d : %.2x %d:%.3x
(%.3x,%.3x): [%.3d,%.3d]

Disabling turn-based movement
Enabling turn-based movement

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EV must have the forklift clip, I'm pretty sure I've combed through Apeiron, and EV I haven't done yet. EV I never got into--before my time, and seemed pretty complicated, even though it's one of the best Mac exclusives ever.

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You're right. It's in Escape Velocity. It can be hear under sound 3000, inside EV Sounds. Not surprising since one of the easter eggs explicitly mentions MST3K.

"They tried to kill him with a forklift~."

Speaking of that sound clip, it it used. However, you can only hear it in an easter egg.

"Forklift option (version 1.01)

Hold [Option] and click on the title screen until the Escape Velocity/ Mystery Science Theatre theme song plays. Hold [Ctrl] + [Command] + [Option] + F when the phrase "-MCB 4:35 A.M." appears.

(Note: The "Forklift" theme song confirms correct entry. And will appear within the secondary weapons list.)"

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In the obscure easter egg category, I spotted this in the "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" manual, regarding the earlier "Wolfenstein 3D" game:

A morse code message is hidden in a song played for Wolfenstein 3D’s third episode. The message reads: "To Big Bad Wolf. De Little Red Riding Hood. Eliminate Hitler. Imperative. Complete Mission Within 24 Hours. Out."

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But would that apply to the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D, though?

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The Mac version has a different soundtrack, so I'd think that would apply more to the 1992 DOS version.

Speaking of obscure easter eggs, there is a pong game in Bloodsuckers. However, I can't figure out for the life of me how it's supposed to be accessed. I've tried everything I could think of, but nothing seems to work. (Evidence of this easter egg can be found in the Data folder, where there's a file called "pong.shapes")

I'm currently working of the Ferazel's Wand article, which seems to be the Ambrosia game with the most unused content (at least in terms of their Mac OS 9 library). There's a handful of unheard songs, sounds, and dialog boxes. I'll try to get that up by Tuesday.

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The warp box didn't appear in Harry either. "Harry sez: no cheating!"

Also, in Ferazel, I have found text for Ice Caverns 3, Ice Boss, and Mountains.

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Daxeria's been adding quite a bit to the wiki recently. I just added something myself. That being the article for Trust and Betrayal: Legacy of Siboot. I'll be adding Harry either today or tomorrow, with a mention of that level select as well as the unused music.

Tanara found an unused options dialog box inside Turbo Math Facts. I can confirm this is an earlier version (1993), whereas the version on Nordic SW's website appears to be from 1996.

Another easter egg: Using ResEdit, open up Burning Rubber and click on "PICT", you'll see a message from the dev about searching through his resource fork.

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Ah, man, i ve already check the marathon series by myself long time ago... and it was very interesting.
Nice wiki!!!

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There is this website (among many others) which has a large list of easter eggs in various games (not just Mac), as well as other applications, operating systems, movies, TV shows, books, etc. ...

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We can also discuss easter eggs here. Why not? So, Quagmire has some easter eggs. Some well known, but all of the others are new-ish. Enter these under the password continue (Command + C). I've added the newly discovered ones with italics.

You can enter these passwords in either lower case or upper case.

fund - "$10,000 won't help much in this game, but only $10 will make you a certified registered user!"

yale, princeton - "What's the difference between Princeton, Yale, and a bag of cow dung? Answer: the bag."

wood - "How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Answer: Enough to get black-listed by the Sierra Club."

harvard - "You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can't piss on one without going to jail."

lawyer - "What's brown and black and looks good on a lawyer? Answer: A doberman."

tony small - "Tony Small is a really nice guy. If you have the means to pay the paltry $10 registration fee (command-P), he'd really appreciate it."

stanford - "Stanford is by far the best University on the planet! If Bill Gates had come to Stanford instead of Harvard, he wouldn't have dropped out after the first year!"

quagmire - "Quagmire: n. 1 soft, muddy ground; boggy or miry place; 2 Figurative. a difficult situation: If I don't pay my shareware fee, I'll be stuck in a definite quagmire."

shareware - "With $10, you could either buy one five-hundred-millionth of a B-2 bomber or you could secure your honesty and register your copy of Quagmire!"

cellusoft - "Boy, next time I see a shareware product by CelluSoft, I'm gonna go and grab it!"

greendog - "Now let's be reasonable. Did you really think Tony would make "greendog" a real password???"

On my topic for Sammy the Cyclebot , I discovered the easter egg passwords for that.

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Here are a few more I thought of. Basilisk isn't working right now, so I don't have the exact lines:

* MacSki 1.7 has an unused sound sample of the "TaskMaker" sound effect from the game of the same name. This is because prior versions of MacSki had an advertisement for that game.

* Unicycle has a bunch of stuff hidden in a TEXT resource, including a full list of cheats.

* Bubble Trouble has notifications for when you launch the game on the creators' birthdays, but I don't think these were ever implemented, as I've played the game for about 18 years and never seen them come up.

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The Bubble Trouble birthday window does pop-up. I have seen it a few times, but I can't remember what date it is.

Here's a list of Easter Egg words to type into the glossary of the Star Wars Episode I Insider's Guide:

  • triviamaster
  • imagemaster
  • sortmaster
  • go bears
  • vince
  • haden
  • clint
  • blackman
  • pierce
  • dybalski
  • gallo
  • miket
  • fallingunder
  • zagnut
  • levison
  • tuite
  • arnaud
  • camela
  • kellie
  • dance
  • kevinw

Mostly they give thank you / dedication images from the developers.

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Just wanted to say that I LOVE reading the content at The Cutting Room Floor, great wiki!

I don't have any unused content to share, sadly.

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If I may suggest, the CD for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary has quite a few unused sound clips, including two different male admiral candidates with all the admiral's lines spoken, neither of which are used, and Uhura's lines spoken by someone who most certainly isn't Uhura. I'm not sure if these are also in the DOS version's CD or not, though. That, and, it's a bit hard to tell what's actually used in-game and what isn't just by looking at the files.

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Ferazel's Wand also a dialog box for when Ben Spees' birthday happens. I have no clue when said birthday happens though. There are also some funny error messages in that too, if one is curious. Many of these error messages are also seen in other Ambrosia SW games. There's even an error message in Ferazel's Wand and Harry where the program notes you are running System 6.0.7 on a PPC Mac (which is only possible through resource hacking).