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Two questions about browsing with early web browsers

Hi All,
Working with Wannabe PPC, very fast text browser, that part is wonderful. But how can I get
into edit mode when I want to login to a page (like this one) it won't except any text for input.
How do I change this? Using MacWeb, crashes every time I try to open it with an Error 1 message.
Anyone have any idea with this is? Running on my PowerBook 1400 32mgs of ram.
Thanks for all the support.
Brad Hansen


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With Wannabe, WYSIWYG, I am afraid. There is no option or ability to do anything other than browse a page and download files.

With MacWeb the only version I was able to use with any degree of reliability, was "1.00ALPHA3.2" (download name in page - MacWeb-100a32.sit (521.32 KB)) see screenshot #3 - Even then I had to set its defaults to not load pics automatically. I doubt now tho' that you would be able to visit many pages without MacWeb crashing.

MacWeb predates javascript, php, etc, etc, use in browsers... It's a near contemporary of Netscape 1.0, so there would be a lot of issues in trying to use this program. You might have better results trying Netscape version 2.02, or Netscape Navigator 3. - I seem to recall folks trying Navigator 4 not being able to access this site, but with 3 and earlier you could. Well, you can only but try...

You might want to try the "iCab" browser, it seems to run on very little RAM and is at least capable of accessing this site. iCab 2.9.9 (2006) is compatible with Mac OS 7.5 - 9.2.2, PPC (any) G3 and G4 Mac (scroll down page for download links). - iCab 3.0.5 (Classic) runs on Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2.2, if your 1400 uses those OS's.

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Brad, IIRC the problem with Wannabe is that it does not support JavaScript at all. Many sites require JavaScript these days for login or text input, e.g. to give you fancy warnings and track your behavior client-side. Since Wannabe does not support it, login or text input won't work. It's bad, but its the way it is.

I figure other browsers will have the same problems. I'll try with Netscape 4.08 on my 6100 next weekend. Maybe I'm lucky here. At least downloading works fine with it and it renders the pages mostly OK on the 6100. Go ahead and give MikeTomTom's suggestion of iCab a try, it might work.

Other than that, I think fogwraith is working hard to get the MacGarden redesign to work fine even on older Macs - so wait some more weeks until it is finished.

See screen here:

*building_up_pressure_on_foggy* Smile

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As for accessing this site, it both is and can be hard for older browsers due to how the environment is set up, not only that but the javascripts and things like that can / will break, pages can be heavy to load, pages are compressed which can confuse older browsers as well depending on what browser is used.

Also, thanks... no pressure Wink