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Twitter [AKA Tweetie] for Mac

Hello people of our great community!

I am looking for a latest version of Twitter for Mac that still used the UI designed by Laurent Baumann which I believe used his UI up until version 3 of Twitter for Mac. So version of Twitter below v3 and after v2 will do.

Doing this as a life project of UI Design History on the Mac.

This is a tough request in our new software world order, since there is literally no way of finding or downloading previous versions of any free apps that was released and has existed within Apples walled App Store. Also there is no way of looking up version histories.


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Tweetie 1.2.8 is available on lots of places (google for "").
Or just go to MacUpdate, the link is available as an alternative download.

[quote]Twitter (was Tweetie) is a Twitter client with a variety of features.

Important Note: As of January 2011, AteBit's Tweetie application has been acquired and renamed by Twitter. Version 1.2.8 of the original Tweetie application is available above as an alternate download.[/quote]