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Joined: 2009 Jun 14
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (es)

If any of you are loaded, there's 2 Twentieth Anniversary Macinotsh's for sale (as one lot) on eBay UK.

Although I have no space and very little money, if we could get these for a snip, I'd happily pay for one - living of beans on toast for the next 12 months.

Details are here


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Joined: 2009 Jul 22

That model is also is on my Xmas list, and if I ever find one of those here in Mexico,
I'm gonna get it.

I didn't get one when I lived in the US and really had the chance,
now I'm having occasional nightmares about it.

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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

I shall keep a check on the page, just to see what they might fetch. If there's no takers I'll offer what I can. I would poo my pants if I got them.

There's lots of Apple classic computers, from the Lisa, the Colour Classic, the Quadra's 900, 840AV, Workgroup Server and Cube. But essentially, they're all pants as actual computers. But the TAM is actually usable.

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"But the TAM is actually usable."

Puzzled It's just a PowerBook 3400 standing upright.