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Tutorial For Non-Mac Users?

This question is hopefully to help me find work I imagine someone else has already done.

Is there a tutorial that covers how to get at and load up .SIT/.HQX files to get the .DSK/.IMG files for emulation? I see nearly everything I am interested in (basically all of the monochrome software) in formats that favor owning a modern Mac. I've tried installing into my miniVmac hard disk image several versions of Stuffit/Unstuffit, and have had approximately a success rate of 5% in decompressing the files. Furthermore, I've looked into windows solutions for .sit and have not had much luck there either. I've not come across anything that has ever read an hqx file for either machine. This isn't to say there aren't any, but in general I consider myself slightly above average in sleuthing out specific software for my personal problems, but I've come up empty.

Hopefully, my coming up blank for a Mac emulation/decompression/disk transfer tutorial for people without any mac whatsoever is also something that exists but has eluded me.

Thanks for all the hard work of everyone uploading files. I suppose this request should end with a friendly reminder that some of us are discovering these machines for the first time and some of the aspects/habits of the individuals archiving things seem to be counter intuitive to those of us without an Apple machine.

Regards and much appreciation in advance for any help someone can point me to!


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Did you look at Basilisk II and SheepShaver for Windows already?
I think that an emulated Mac (besides MiniVMac) is the way to go for you.

SheepShaver may be preferable, as its way faster than Basilisk II and can run Stuffit 7.
Emaculation - has all the guides and downloads to get going.

With SheepShaver / Basilisk II you should be able to easily create disk images for MiniVMac from .HQX or else. DiskCopy is Apple´s way for creating .IMG files from things expanded by Stuffit Expander.
Many files here already are in a disk image compressed with .SIT to preserve them.
Newer ZIP apps do not handle Mac resource forks all right, so SIT is still the one.

There also is The Unarchiver:
If a .SIT file contains a disk image it may be possible to inflate the file for usage with MiniVMac.
I have to admit I never tried the Windows version.

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Since you are new to Mac things, I have one advice to give: try decompressing/decoding .SIT, .HQX and other files within a Mac environment (emulated or not), else you may corrupt the files contained within, because of a Mac-only concept called resource forks. But some files, like music, pictures and videos, are fine. If you insist on decompressing/decoding them on Windows despite knowing that, use Aladdin Expander.

I see nearly everything I am interested in (basically all of the monochrome software) in formats that favor owning a modern Mac.

Modern Macs? Absolutely not. Smile Any Mac, Mac clone, Hackintosh, emulator etc.. Both old and new.

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So am I to assume the best course of action is to set up a system 7 or 8 emulator for my decompression needs? I would have never have thought of that, but thanks, I'll start looking into it. Thanks for the help.

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qemu-ppc is nice and comes with a utility for creating disk images of any size