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Trying to remember a game.

Hi all, I'm desperately trying to remember a (possibly not very good) shareware game I played in the mid-90's. I only have a very vague recollection of it, so bear with me. It was 3D with 2D sprites for npcs, and I remember it having a very red-dominant colourscheme (at least in the sole town the demo let me explore). The town was populated entirely by detail-less and seemingly naked people (no faces, just flat skin tone), and I don't recall being able to interact in any way with anything. It may well have been a beta for some RPG (I imagine it must have been an rpg), but perhaps I simply failed to figure out any commands other than movement. I recall it having quite a grim tone, but again this might just be improper recollection from being trapped in a red-toned walled city filled with faceless zombiemen. This isn't much to go on, I know, but if it rings any bells, please let me know, I'll post any other details as they come to me.