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Trying to remember a Ball&Paddle game

I remember there was once a (kinda weird) Ball & Paddle game I used to play - here's what I know of it:

* - in colour (B&W version may exist)
* - you control the paddle with the mouse, the paddle is positioned about half way up the playign field and you can move the paddle downwards incase you miscatch the ball (the ball is only lost if it gets to the bottom of the playing field, some levels even have the ball start from below the paddle)
* - there were 20 levels total in the shareware version
* - most levels were standard Arkanoid-like designs - though some levels get weird such as bars that stretch the whole length of the level (levels 6 and 12) outrageously tiny blocks (level 13) and outrageously short levels (Level 12 had only 1 bar to hit)
* - completing levels 9 and 18 gets you 3 extra lives
* - a "multi" feature where the more blocks you hit without it bouncing off your paddle or off the board gets you higher scores

Anyone remember the title per chance?