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Trying to install 9.2.2 on iMac G4 10.4.11

Hi all,
I am trying to install 9.2.2 on my iMac G4 10.4.11, so I can run games on this faster machine to
get the most out of them. I have a 9.2.2 CD and I have a stand alone thumb drive in which
I want to install the OS. If there is a way to install the OS right onto my Mac HD please let
me know, I was unable to do that. Trying to start up the computer from the CD-Rom does
not seem to work. It loads all the way to the Finder but then stops there, no mouse, no
menu. When I try to install from within the system to the thumb drive is does not let me
select that drive to install to, in fact doesn't let me select to any drive to install to. Any
Advice would be much appreciated.
Brad Hansen


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What model iMac?
The ones faster than 1GHz do not support running 9.2.2 natively.
The hard drive must have been formatted with 9.2.2 drivers or the 9.2.2 install CD (even if it boots will) not see any hard drive. There is no way to install the 9.2.2 drivers (if they aren't installed) other than wiping the HD with Drive Setup after you get the 9.2.2 CD running.
Thumb drives aren't of much use on a non-intel Mac without going into open firmware.

What 9.2.2 CD do you have? Factory?
Or did you burn it yourself from one of the downloads here at MG.
I recommend one of my CDs. The eMac one seems to work the best for me.

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Joined: 2017 Nov 9

Hi SFP and thanks for the info, I have an 800 mhz iMac G4. I bought this computer online. It
had 10.3 on it and I upgraded to 10.4. I really have no desire to wipe the drive. The computer
came with a full Photoshop installation and MS Office. The only machine I have with either
of those. I was struggling a to get 9.2 on it until today I realized I was using a 9.2.1 CD. Sorry but
I already order a 9.2.2 system disk that says it's for my system. If not I will give you a hollar.
Brad Hansen

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So you still need to figure out if the disk was initialized with or without OS 9 drivers.

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It loads all the way to the Finder but then stops there, no mouse, no menu.

This happens on my Mac when the video card drivers are an older incompatible version. A quick and dirty remedy when stalled is to press Force Quit (cmd+option+escape) then it will stop the bad video drivers because that is where it is hung up, and puts you in functional Video Safe mode.

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You need the OS9 disc from this set. It will have the right drivers.

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If you have a 2nd Mac, the easiest thing is to image your OSX and then reformat the drive with the OS9 drivers, put osx back on the new partition and then drag-install one of the OS9General systems (for the bus speed you have - like from the 1GHz eMac) to the drive and viola - reboot into OS9. This would be the best and freshest install.

And if your HD is big-enough, give OS9 it's own partition - since it fragments like old Windows, it won't slow OSX down.