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Trying to Identify Text/2D Game

I've been looking all over for an old B&W text/graphic game and can't find it, I'm sure because I can't remember enough details. Seems to me it might have been a castle exploration type game, maybe you're trying to find someone, or can't remember who/where you are and need to explore, but the only real details I remember are that you find a Woolworths box under a bed in one room, and also a bottle of red wine that you can drink.

I know there was also a spiral staircase and possibly rats that would occasionally appear. It's driving me nuts and I can only hope someone recognizes these paltry details.


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Dark Castle? Shadowgate?

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A woolworths box in Shadowgate, hehe.

One of the Deja Vu games ? Definitely has a bottle of wine in it.

Do you remember if it was a space adventure, or sci-fi, or modern, or DnD ?

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(that spiralcase and rats confused me) Earlier then, something from the Fool´s Errand?

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The Fool's Errand wouldn't have a Woolworths box, that's for sure.

Out of curiosity, what country was it from? Woolworth's in the US is a defunct five-and-dime (defunct since 1997), in UK it sold similar merchandise (defunct since 2009), and in Austrailia it's still around (supermarket).