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Advice requested for getting Prince of Persia 2 files onto floppy discs for install on Mac LC III

There are a couple files in the data folder for Prince of Persia 2 that I cannot fit on a floppy disk no matter what I try (DropStuff, etc.). The largest is too big for a Mac formatted floppy by 88KBs. I'm just curious, because I've forgotten: Did PoP 2 ever come out on floppies or was it a CD-only game? My file comes from a CD released along the same time of PoP3D in the late 90s, which included PoP1 and PoP2 along with some 'making-of' videos. If anyone has any advice how to get that one file from PoP2 onto a floppy by splitting it or via some other method, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I'm trying to get the game onto a Mac LC III that I recently purchased and don't know of a good method. I am unable to hook the internal HDD into a more modern computer, because I lack any kind of compatible connection (SCSI 50-pin to USB, etc).


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For files that are too large to fit onto a single floppy disk, use a file splitter like Stuffit Deluxe etc; to split the archive into chunks that'll fit onto the disk[s] and then rejoin them at the other end.

Split & Join also does this nicely, you'd need to have another classic Mac (an emulator will do) and floppy drive tho'.

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Thank you for your response. I'm just waiting on a DB15 to VGA adapter to use with my newly purchased Macintosh LC III; once that arrives, I'll definitely be testing your recommended methods. It looks like Split & Join is a great little app, and I'm surprised I had never heard of it. Thank you.

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HD floppy is the easiest way to go for sure, MTT is quite right.
I was discussing the issue with another member some time ago and my second proposal was to use ZTerm on the vintage Mac and a null-modem cable connected to another more recent computer.
I did some file transfers that way, decades ago, with my MacII before I could acquire an ethernet Nubus card for it.
Anyway - though I dug out a cable from my crap box and set up FusionPC on my PIII as I don´t own vintage Macs anymore - ZTerm never got any further as the person I was talking to was happy with what he got: Mac emulator to write Mac HD floppies. Smile
That said, I guess it won´t be a bad idea to set up a generic file transfer procedure for serial ports, some tinkering with USB2Serial adapters might be needed, though.

My third proposal is/was to run Leopard in a virtual machine and attach a USB floppy to it.
Leopard was the last MacOS to write 1.4MB NDIF floppies from userland (thank you Apple!).
It is possible to write NDIF images created with MiniVMac to floppy on more recent Macs with the help of Terminal and "dd", but thats another story.

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The Iomega Zip Drive, which comes with different connections, so use a Parallel-port Zip Drive on a PC and a SCSI Zip Drive on the Mac, for example. Comes with 100 MB cartridges, later versions also offered 250 MB cartridges.