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Top Gun: Fire at Will in SheepShaver

Hi everyone. I was hoping to get a little help, if possible. I am trying to launch Top Gun Fire at Will. I am running os9.0.4 in SheepShaver and I believe I am doing everything correctly. I am mounting CD1 as a volume, booting SS, and installing the game with no issues. However, when I go to actually launch the new installed game, it just hangs and freezes the emulation, requiring a force quit of SS.

Has anyone tried to run this game? I looked around and cant find many requirements for the mac version. I did notice one site said a lot of virtual discs for the DOS version are missing files. Anybody know of thats the case with the images hosted here? Secondly, I did find a 2x speed requirement of the cd-rom. Does anyone know if that requirement effects the virtual discs mounted as volumes on booting SS?

Anyway, I guess Im just wondering if anyone here has successfully launched the game. Im running out of things to try Sad

Thanks for any help,



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Which is your host OS ogmg?
Not that it would matter much, but it may be better to start from common grounds.
As nobody set the "works with SheepShaver" flag so far, my guess is that SheepShaver does not emulate hardware the game is looking for.

You might give Qemu a go, as there is some rudimentary altivec support available.
Cat_7 at Emaculation has some Qemu builds available, you want the one with altivec acceleration and screamer audio support. Install MacOS 9.2 and give Top Gun a go, if thats not too much hassle for you.

Seems I spoke too soon. Smile
The game is running on my side. Host: macOS 10.14.6, guest: MacOS 7.6.
The game quits with error 3 on my side too with MacOS 8.6, so you want a fresh install of MacOS 7.6.
Of course you need the OldWorldROM for SheepShaver to boot 7.6 or lower.


For the records, the game will run with Qemu MacOS 9.2 as well, maybe a bit more fluently as for the videos. However mouse movement is impaired on my side.


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Awesome! Thanks for the info 24bit. Nice to know it is actually possible. Im actually running windows 10 home. I will look in to Qemu and/or downgrading to 7.6.

Man--those screenshots alone bring back a whole bunch of memories. I had just assumed that os9.x would run just about anything that earlier systems would.

Furthermore--its crazy that the only place the sys requirements used to be were on the box. The manual was about 100 pages, I think and there wasnt a single page dedicated to troubleshooting or requirements. Gaming was just so different back when Smile

Thanks again! I really appreciate the insight.

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Found it strange that no system requirements were printed either.
The 2X CD-ROM won´t be an issue, as you will usually mount both ISO´s via SheepShaver´s "Volumes" tab.
We have a lot of System software stored, finding MacOS 7.6 should be easy enough.
If you are looking for a localized non English OS, the Mac Anthology is a treasure trove.

It may very well be that the game only suffers from a Quicktime incompatibility in 8.6 or 9.0.4.
Not sure if that can be solved easily, even as MacOS 9.2 seems to run the game with Qemu.
Lets hope SheepShaver with 7.6 will work on your side too.
Maybe look here too:
I did not try with 7.5.3, but would presume that it will work just the same.