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Today's kids still love old Mac games :-)

It has been quite some time since the majority of us first touched a (then-new) beige Macintosh computer and subsequently got sucked into the fascinating world of MacOS. If I think back, it's been 28 years (wow, time sure flies by!) when my "first contact" with Macs was the family Macintosh LC.

I was recently able to set up another Macintosh LC system (thanks to fogwraith; the old one is long gone). Using a Mac LC with System 6 got me wading knee-high in nostalgia. But what really impressed me was the fact that MY KIDS also love this computer. I don't know if it's the simplicity of the games, the low detail (less intimidating?) graphics or the often cartoon-ish look - they love playing those old games and spending time moving or creating folders.

So I thought I'd share that photo with you. What are other parents experiences? Is your offspring interested in classic Macs too?

A thanks!
That said, I do want to thank everyone uploading software to the Macintosh Garden. It's your time investment that enables another generation to enjoy the same apps we used to enjoy in our younger years. Please keep going and uploading stuff if you find something previously not uploaded here!


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they love [...] spending time moving or creating folders.

That sure brings back memories. When I was first allowed to poke at computers around age 5, a 1st (2nd?) gen PPC Mac, messing around with the system like that was all I did as a past time, and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing so. I'd poke at all the "flavors" (colors) you could set for folders, and "steal' icons from one directory and paste them onto another. Once, I did that with the hard disk's icon, using it on regular folders, and then told my dad "Dad! I made several hard disks!". lol He was both confused about it and not pleased about my mess. Good memories.

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My three daughters haven't really shown much interest in retro Mac or DOS stuff, but give it time Wink. Plus, it gives me time to find stuff off of eBay.

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Do I qualify as a kid?

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If you're young at heart Smile.