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Toast image question

I received a DVD the other day and thought I'd create an image from it, Toast 6 under Tiger wants to create an .localized.toast

Haven't really investigated further as to why it wants .localized. there, if it removes anything or keeps the image 100% intact, messes with the language or whatever. Any insights or such would be great Tongue


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Never seen that before.

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What about creating a DVD/CD Master image with DiskUtility instead?
DiskUtility in Tiger/Leo/Snow-Leo usually did a good job with DVDs methinks.

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I also haven't seen that before... Wish I had any suggestions...

EDIT: Quick suggestion: It could be that Toast is splitting the image into separate language versions (if there are multiple images created); that's just a hypothesis though... Maybe check the Toast preferences dialog, if any, to see if it mentions anything to do with that... (I've never used Toast under OS X, so I don't know too much about it.)

EDIT 2: Would also recommend Disk Utility instead, if possible. That's the only imaging application I've ever used under OS X.

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Toast didn't split the file into several localized versions, there was only one, which I found weird to begin with, a later version may or may not "fix" this, or it might not be a problem at all, guess I'll have to test Smile

I will take the suggestions in creating with Disk Utility, seeing as how it's a Mac only DVD, see how it turns out Smile

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Take a look at LiquidCD also, if time permits. You would need to use the 1.33 version with Tiger.

I've only used the universal 2.x versions on Leopard+ so cannot vouch for the earlier 1.33 Tiger release. The universal 2.x versions have given me excellent .iso images tho'.

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Aha, untested software! I'll create a couple of images in varying ways, I'll test LiquidCD as well and see how it all turns out . Thanks Smile

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It's possible that the ISO has multiple localizations. Mac OS X has a hidden file called .localized which automatically applies localization to folder names (Example: Downloads -> ダウンロード)

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It would appear that the disk is multi-language, but .localized seems to be there from creation... just to be sure I'm going to run it by localized versions of OS X.

The testing continues Tongue

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There must be some information about this in the documentation for Toast. Have you had a look? Tongue
RTFM might be a good idea for this one Wink

Found this on the Apple support forums:

The '.localized' files just indicate (by their presence) that apps should display the "localized" name for a given folder if one has been defined. So for example, instead of the folder names that '
ls' would show as "Library" or "Users", someone with their language set to "French" in the "International" pref pane would see "Bibliothèque" or "Utilisateurs" in "Finder" or through "Open" and "Save" dialogues.

So it might be that if the CD you imaged gets mounted on an English language system, it gets mounted as "Pippi Longstocking". On a Swedish system it would be called "Pippi Långstrump".

Just a guess though Tongue

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Yeah, I've always deleted ".localized" files because I don't use them, they're everywhere, and because I run with AppleShowAllFiles 24/7, I get sick of looking at them.

But here, it sounds like "...localized" is a real portion of the disk name, even though OS X might not send the name thru the languages parser, for not being a hidden file name.

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After some extensive testing, I have come to the conclusion that "it's just the way the DVD was built", and I'll leave it at that Tongue

As SkyCapt said, it just may be a real portion of the disk name