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The Demoscene Quest: Resurfacing Old Demos!

Greetings, my good folks! In the past few days, I decided to completely submerge myself in the activity of unearthing and rediscovering now-ancient demos, intros, (visual) effects and whatnot. That is, demoscene stuff, for our beloved pre-Mac-OS-X Macintoshes. For those unfamiliar, all of the above refer to software programs purely of artistic merit through visuals and/or sound: they aren't games or productivity software.

Here in the Garden, we have one page dedicated to hosting and containing such software. Four days ago, I took it upon myself the task of finding every demoscene-related demo (etc.) program that ever was made and distributed for Mac OS 9 and earlier. So far, through pure archaeological digging through various archives, mirrors, backups and even some live websites (such as and, I found, one by one, roughly 70 or so pre-Mac-OS-X demos, both 68k and PowerPC. They will all be uploaded to the Garden, in that dedicated page, beginning in two or so days from now.

However, there was a number of demos whose existence I learned of, but could not find archived, anywhere, at all. So I'm creating this thread to list what exactly I did not find (as well as what I did find), in the hopes someone might have or even find one of the very few demos (etc.) that I couldn't. For starters, were such demos even ever distributed in one of those MANY magazine and/or software compilation CDs, like those billions of shareware CDs for the Mac?

Also, is anyone here an AMUG member, with access to their FTP servers? A lot is expected to be found at or, in case the directories changed, somewhere else in their FTP pages.

In any case, in the post below is a list of such demos that I could not find, which I will update as they are found.


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1998 - Galactic Dreams Software - PPC (archived, but broken, due to 1 MB limit for files back then)
NIKAD.sea.bin (original file name)
Nikad.sit (file name when the demo got reuploaded elsewhere)
Note: I tried e-mailing two of the people behind Nikad, but one e-mail address was invalid, and I believe the other one was also probably dead. If someone can somehow reach the author (i.e. googling their names etc.), that could perhaps work out.

1991/97 - Eric Wenger - PPC
"A set of graphical effects : zooms, scrollings, bumps, transparency, deformations... Some are fast and impressive (at least on my mac!)
Beware, in the first menu screen only two of the four parts are active."
Full archive:
Three segments:

1998 - Aaron Sittig - PPC
"Not to be confused with 'Liquid Screen', Liquid is a very good combination of particles and fire effect. Don't forget to tweak the settings with the dialog box, the demo is really more impressive on a wide screen :)"

- Demo-Take1
1999 - Coderonin - PPC
"Featuring scrollers, a Mandelbrot zoom, and plasma and flame effects, all in only 24k! No music. Came 9th in the 64k Demo Contest."

- Vivid Blur
1999 - Keenan Crane - PPC
"Only runs in millions of colours so unfortunately I can't tell you what it's like Sad No music. Came 4th in the 64k Demo Contest."

- Scourge
1999 - Simon Finne - PPC
"Featuring green wireframe and textured tori, and particle effects. No music. Came 1st in the 64k Demo Contest."

- Grape or Variations on a Quartic Polynomial with Complex Coefficients (note: long name!)
1999 - Chris Kurasch - PPC
"An effect that allows you to alter the graphics and sound with sliders. Unfortunately it's very slow on older Macs. Came 7th in the 64k Demo Contest."


A then-famous Mac demoscene guy, kRat (known for Pyromania / Pyromania Redux), also had a website that included a few files that were not archived. Some of them may be relevant to demosceners, especially pre-Mac-OS-X ones. They are listed below.

- DorkTerm

- Fire Lib

- Fractal Generator 0.6.6


Finally, kRat and other Mac demosceners were planning to release a Mac demoscene CD, but I believe that plan did not come to fruition. Regardlessly, here is a page that lists some of the software, including demos, that they were planning to include in it (scroll down for the list):

The list of demos therein may serve as a reference for us to go search and find even more demos beyond the ones I listed as "missing" above.


Last, but definitely not least, there was a Mac port of Cthugha, called MaCthugha, by Rus Maxham, which saw a 1.0 version release, but a 1.1 release was also coming up, featuring MP3 support, and that came in the form of pre-releases, which were hosted, to my knowledge, only in the port author's website, but the files were not archived.

This piece of software isn't a demo or anything, but is definitely related to demoscene, it being a software program of purely artistic value (psychedelic visuals being produced over sound).

Here is a list of files that were successfully archived:
- MaCthugha1.0.hqx
- MaCthughaExtensions.hqx
- MaCthughaSource.tgz (some source code)
- MaCthugha Alpha 1.sit (found at the vintage mac website archive)

And here is a list of files that were once hosted, but not archived:
- MaCthugha1.0Source.hqx (CodeWarrior-ready source code)
- MaCthugha1.1p5.hqx
- MaCthugha1.1p6.hqx
- MaCthughaPCX.sit.hqx
- CthughaTabSource.sit.hqx

Here are some links related to the dead files: (port author's website) (Cthugha website of all ports and versions, contains unaccessible FTP links)

Dead file links:

I e-mailed the port author with all the e-mail addresses he had made public, but nothing. I tried searching his name online for updated contact info, but that yielded nothing other than 2 GitHub accounts and a YouTube channel with no contact info. (Is contact info shown on GitHub only if we login? Assuming he provided one.)

There is also a Java version called JCthugha that ought to be Mac-OS-9 compatible, because it implements JDK version 1.1, and MRJ 2.2.6 implements IIRC JDK 1.1.8. I managed to successfully find that version (JCthugha.class), but not the source code (, in case someone wants to keep eyes peeled for that one, as well. The author is called Deischinger Harald.

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List of all the demos (etc.) that were successfully found and obtained:

Four Knights
se scroller
3.5 inches is enough
Planet Hively

ANTON DEMOS (Heavenly Doughnut aside, the other demos within are also separately available as Harmonic Plasma, Motion Blur, Sine Plasma and Image Warping)
BLITZ v1.1 + 1.2
CYCLONE (2 versions, differences unknown)
FIRE F/X (also separately as Fire Pit, Fast Flame, Volcano, Explosion, Real Flame (1.1 at least within Fire F/X))
FLAME 0.99
HISASHI HODA DEMOS (SolidNirvana, Colony, Cone, Cube, DropDragon, Worm)
MaCthugha (only v1.0 & extensions; 1.1p5 and p6 etc. are still missing)
MEGADEMO IV 2 (both Anton and Marcus ports/versions)
U.F.O. v2

Entropy Increasing

Stone's Effects

Dancing Monkey
wannaBe (not really a demo, but still relevant)

Dancing Dream
Flower Power
Light & Fire
noglin3Dstep1.sit.bin (not sure if demo)
noglintutors.sit.bin (not sure if demo)

Super SIDekick v1.0

Psych (Psyche Out)
MacIntosh DeskTop Demo (AKA "Bouncing Pepsis")

Bouncing Black Square
Happy New Year
Random Dots

Mona Bark
Flag Day 1.0
Psych (demo of the demo)

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Good stuff. I collected some old and new Atari model 800 Demos that run in emulation. I recognize some of the names listed here from my Amiga 16-bit days. Macintosh became my 32-bit system of choice.

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Demos in general are interesting & fun. I wouldn't mind getting a collection of them for various platforms, and then have them all run on an emulator under Mac OS 9.2.2. Wink

Also, I have a few updates. First one is that only now I realized Macintosh Repository had a small demoscene section here:
Second one is that I started digging up the Garden itself for more demos. So far I found the "MacIntosh DeskTop Demo (AKA "Bouncing Pepsis")" and "Vanlandingham", the latter of which will only work with very early SSW versions.

Then there's the AMUG DVD, which may or may not contain more demos:
There're also AMUG BBS CDs, but those seem to be too old to have had the chance to host the majority of the demos, especially the coolest ones that came later, but they may still be worth a look:

This multi-platform CD also seems like a good candidate for a lot of cool demoscene stuff, hopefully:
Though that one is a bit too old, too. (1994)

I'm polishing up all else I have gathered so far, as well, like organizing all the downloaded files in folders respective to their demos, a folder per demo, and naming all the folders with their official names with precision. I'm also verifying whether or not a demo is indeed System 1 ~ Mac OS 9 compatible at all, or if it was somehow mislabeled. Then I'm also gathering & separating Java-based and Flash-based demos, and seeing which of them run fine under at least Mac OS 9.

Lotsa work, but I'm hoping to make this turn out good and as "pure" as possible (for instance, I'm not "repackaging" anything or altering the original archives at all). Still wish we could at least find "NIKAD" somewhere, as that's listed as a "mega demo" and is particularly big-sized for a demo, especially for the time (1997). It must be really interesting, at minimum.

Again, if anyone finds something, please post about it! Smile

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Places like also has some demos / software, I believe there are plenty more out there to be found Smile

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Yep, I dug up that place as well as like a complete scavenger, and it actually helped me find a few new pre-Mac-OS-X demos, as well as some old demos that were thought to be lost. Smile It's a cool place.

In fact, I ended up also reporting to the pouet staff that some demos listed as "Mac OS X PPC" were in fact for OS 9 and earlier (some of the release dates even pre-dated OS X, so it was kind of obvious), although some Pouet mod warned me he will switch it back to OS X if I don't provide mirror links soon (since many of their demo links are dead, as they don't host links directly, like demozoo).

I still am digging up Pouet and Demozoo for other demo categories like Java, Flash and even JavaScript to see what I can make run under OS 9. Then I'm also digging up Mac OS X demos (both PPC and Intel) with the hope some of them are either mislabeled (like some other demos in those places were) or are PPC/Universal 32-bit Carbon apps that somehow remained compatible enough with OS 9.

Edit: Little update: I found some old demos in the "Multimedia" folder of the AMUG DVD. Most of them are not very impressive, mostly because they are from a time before the "Mac Demoscene Boom" from the 2nd half of the 90s (PowerPC beginnings). But they are still demos, and I'll archive them accordingly. I was hoping AMUG had included what they already had in their FTP demoscene archive, but, alas, they didn't. And AMUG's FTP is still closed to the public. =|

Edit 2: Well, I found the NIKAD megademo developers. Turns out one of them worked for Google in 2003, and then some time later both went on to become the CEO and cofounder of a company. I believe they are Croatians.
Marin Saric:
Frane Saric:
Something doesn't feel right about logging into LinkedIn to ask people "Yo! Still got dat 1337 NIKAD Mac megademo from 1997 lying around somewhere?!", especially to an ex-Google employee and CEO of some company. Laughing out loud

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The wired server called Test Pattern 6 at wiredp7:// has a folder of material called "3D Demo Scene". However I can't download anything from this site to look at what the files are. Maybe you have to register first.

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@mrdav, is that link an FTP/HTTP link, or is the protocol truly "wiredp7"? What client can access that URL?

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Joined: 2011 Dec 3

Hi Jatoba. The link is correct. The protocol is for Wired servers. I use the latest client at the following location:

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Joined: 2018 Apr 16

Thank you!

Edit: I'll be using the earlier PPC-compatible 2.1.1 version, hopefully that will work, too.

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Little update.

One lost demo found! (I'd edit my "missing demos" post, but since I replied to it, I can't, so I'll post updates in subsequent posts.)

- Scourge

And here are 2 new dead links corresponding to 2 previously identified missing demos. Not good for much other than serve as some sort of reference.

- Demo-Take1 (*/

- Vivid Blur (*/

Plus a single dead link to a demo-related file I hadn't come across earlier, again for reference. Has a very useful-sounding file name...


But I also discovered a few other "new" demos which I did manage to save:
- "Fire Roto Zoom"
- "Simple Flame"
- "Pond"

I tried contacting/finding multiple Mac demosceners of the era, but they seem either all gone, unfindable and/or simply seem to have completely moved on. Invalid old e-mails aside, all my messages were ignored so far, to each and every one of them, be it via e-mail, Twitter or whatever else.

Only if we had a full mirror of this site, then maybe NIKAD could be saved. But I couldn't find a way to contact the old website owner yet, or identify him.

For reference, here's a huge (!) page full of very old info. I'll leave the link here in case I missed looking somewhere useful mentioned there.

More yet to come.

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Another little update.

The "Scourge" demo didn't work on my Mac, but it turns out the author released a 2nd version with fixes. I stumbled upon that 2nd version, and that one worked perfectly. I'm keeping both, of course.

The author of "Scourge" also made "insomnia" and "arid" as far as Mac OS 9 & earlier Macs are concerned. The former wasn't missing, but I didn't know of "acid" at all. (It's incorrectly listed as an OS X demo on Pouet, like many other Mac OS 9 & earlier demos.)
In short, "arid" demo has also been added.

For the record, I tried contacting the author of those demos, as well (his webpage is still alive, although some downloads are only obtainable via, but seeing his page wasn't apparently updated since 2006, I'm not expecting a response.

That aside, there are some more demos I'm checking out and sorting out, but after that, I'll put them all here in the Garden. Some demos couldn't yet be obtained, but I'm starting to run out of energy and inner will to keep up with the madness (like trying to contact old demosceners for missing demos), so I'm wrapping it up very soon... Got some IRL demands I must focus on at the moment, too.

Edit 12/Jul/2019: Corrected demo name from "acid" to "arid".

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Demoscene page finally updated! If anyone finds any of the missing demos, please do upload them there, even if as separate files.

Hope people enjoy them as much as I did.

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@Jatoba, here's Liquid.sit.bin:

Also, do you recognize which Mac OS 8 demo this person is looking for?

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Wow! Where could you even find Liquid, Daxeria? That's awesome!!! Thank you! Smile

Mmm, about that requested demo, I looked at all of our collected demos so far, and I think we don't have that one. Or we do have it, if we are to assume that person may be recalling a few things wrong regarding the demo.

There are some demos that partially match some of the alleged characteristics, but never all of them at the same time. It slightly makes me think of "Entrance" (by noglin, who just joined the Garden), "insomnia" and "arid" (by blackis, who also just joined), "mACROsTRANGE" and "macloned", "Super SIDekick", and "Entropy Increasing". But none of those, or any of our demos, feature the term "3D Enable". IIRC, only three demos contain even just the word "3D" ("3D Demo", "3D Landscape" and "Flower Power"), but nothing else matches about those.

It could very well be one of the few missing demos from our missing demos list, especially the ones from the begining of the list, namely: "NIKAD", "Liquid Screen Demo", "Demo-Take1", "Vivid Blur", "Grape or Variations on a Quartic Polynomial with Complex Coefficients" or "DorkTerm".

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Liquid was excavated from an archive of files I downloaded years ago, along with several demos already collected, and another that doesn't appear in either of your lists. Here is Hell 1.0B1 by Ambroise Confetti:

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Wow, I see! And an entirely "new" demo!! Smile Nice work!

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Any mac 68K demoscene-stuff available? can't find it.

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Hotlinks: Apple/Mac General
* Demos Home Page
* Mac Demoscene Overview
2 entries. ⌐ 1998-2001 Scenet.
--(aPPLE/mAC gROUPS)---------------------------------------------------------
Hotlinks: Apple/Mac Groups
* Compact but Bijou
* Dogcow
* Galactic Dreams Software
* Nemesis Productions
* Nitrogen
* Ozone
* Stone Entertainment
* Zerius Dev.
8 entries. ⌐ 1998-2001 Scenet.
-(aPPLE/mAC mAGAZINES)------------------------------------------------------
Hotlinks: Apple/Mac Magazines
* theMake
3 entries. ⌐ 1998-2001 Scenet.

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I never really got into the Demo scene, but I was on the fringes of the .mod scene, mostly as a contributor to both TraxWeekly and StaticLine, where I had published interviews with two of the best known .mod musicians around -- U4ia and Necros.
Unfortunately, the links to those interviews appears to have gone to internet heaven, but I'm (fairly) sure I have a digital copy of at least one of them.

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I think I may have seen those in the AmiNet archives at some point, but it's been a long time.

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I would be interested in seeing those interviews. Necros' music has made it into one of the best Mac OS demos, Pyromania Redux. More specifically it contained a variant of this track:

His remix of this track is absolutely amazing. It is so good.

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I've added my collection of OS X compatible demos here in case anyone's interested:

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This is good stuff! Depending on how they were coded, some could even be OS-9-compatible (if Carbon and backwards-compatible enough). Definitely will check these out.

Incidentally, may I ask where they were sourced from? Pouet? The defunct MacScene website? The latter had an enormous amount of OS X demos, PPC and Intel, but from all I could see were the remains of what was lost.

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Thanks, I've compiled this collection from various sources, including Pouet & I've been keeping an eye on the Mac demoscene since the early OS X years so all important PPC releases should be included in the download.