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The Crystal Skull - playing advice?

Does anybody have experience how the game below is played best in emulation?
A user over at Emaculation has problems playing the game with Basilisk II on Android.
See here:
Hybrid game CDs may not be the easiest for Mac emulators. Smile


Edit 1:
I´m no gamer. From a short look, the game seems to do what it should in SheepShaver MacOS 8.6 with all three ISO files mounted via the SheepShaver GUI and the game installed on an empty volume.
Game control is not done by a menu topmost on the Mac screen, but by four buttons beneath the play screen.
The game does play fine on my side with Basilisk II MacOS 7.5.3 too.
Mounting the game CDs via VirtualCD Imager works all right too.
Android/Linux host yet to try. Smile

Edit 2:
This excerpt from the ReadMe on CD1 may shed some light on common issues:

I. System Requirements:

Any 68040 Macintosh (Quadra, Centris, Performa, PowerBook and Power Macintosh)
256 Colors, 640 x 480 Resolution.
8MB RAM (5,500K of free RAM).
2X CD-ROM Drive.
System 7.0 or higher
Hard Disk with 3 MB free

II. Installation:

Before playing "Crystal Skull" for the first time, please run the "Crystal Skull Installer" by double-clicking the "Crystal Skull Installation" icon on the Crystal Skull CD-ROM.

III. System Setup:

Before starting "Crystal Skull" please:
• TURN OFF System 7’s Virtual Memory using the Memory Control Panel. You must restart your computer for this change to take effect.
• Quit any other open applications.
• "Crystal Skull" will automatically set your monitor to 256 colors unless the Monitor Control Panel is missing from the Control Panels folder. For best appearance, you may want to set your monitor to 640 x 480 resolution. To do so select Control Panels under the Apple menu, then select Monitors. Click Options and select 640 x 480 resolution.


• Allocate more RAM to "Crystal Skull:" Select the "Crystal Skull" icon in the "Crystal Skull" folder on your hard drive. Now choose "Get Info" from the file menu. Set the preferred size to 500K less than the “Largest Unused Block” of memory (or free RAM) indicated in the “About this Macintosh...” command under the Apple Menu.

V. Starting "Crystal Skull" & About the "Crystal Skull" folder:

Double-click the "Crystal Skull" icon in the "Crystal Skull" folder on your hard drive.

Note: You can rename the "Crystal Skull" folder or keep it inside another folder. Unless you choose otherwise, Crystal Skull automatically puts your saved games in this folder. When throwing away saved games, please don't throw away the Crystal Skulls icon and the three program files inside the "Crystal Skull" folder.

VI. Increasing Free Memory:

You must have 5,500K of free RAM to run "Crystal Skull". The “About this Macintosh...” command under the Apple Menu will bring up a window indicating the “Largest Unused Block” of memory (or free RAM) you have available in your system.


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Just tried the game with my seven inch Android 4.4.2 tablet.
I moved my Testdrive22 volume to the tablet, mounted all three ISO´s with VirtualCD Imager.
Set the display to 640x480 and the game does work so far.

TCS_01image uploader

TCS_02image uploader

As I was assuming, the Macromedia Director game runs equally well (maybe a bit better even) on Windows 32bit systems like Windows XP when QT 2 from CD1 has been installed.
Using WinCDEmu saves CD-R media BTW. Only CD1 is needed to start the game.

A. System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 / 95
80486DX2 -66 or higher


Window 3.1 or Window 95; 8MB RAM and hard disk with 3MB free;
Mouse, 256 color SVGA monitor;

All windows compatible sound cards

B. Installation:

Before viewing Crystal Skull for the first time, please run the Setup program. To do so, insert the Crystal Skull into your CD-ROM drive. Then run the SETUP.EXE file located in the SETUP directory on the CD. You can do this from the Windows File Manager (double-click on the file SETUP.EXE) or the DOS command line prompt in Windows. This will install QuickTime for Windows 2.03 into your "Windows\System" directory, which requires just over 2MB of hard disk space. (When the dialogue offers you "Installation Options", choose "Local" to install QuickTime for Windows on your hard drive.) The installer will find and remove any older versions of QuickTime at your discretion. A Crystal Skull icon and a ReadMe icon will be created in a Crystal Skull program group in your Program Manager. No part of the Crystal Skull program itself is installed on your hard disk.