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Joined: 2010 Sep 26
TeamAgenda EN or DE?

Hi there.

I wonder why an english TeamAgenda is missing, even though it was very popular in the nineties?
Yes, there is a french client, but i would be very happy to find an english or german installer with client and server, too. (Found one some time ago, but unfortunately it was broken.)

Thanks a lot!


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Joined: 2011 Dec 3

I guess only the French version is in the collection of any of our members. Here are some sources that may interest you:

German v 2.5 in Mac Magazin CD 39 in Magazin/Terminplaner/Software/TeamAgenda 2.5

English v. 3.1 (including Disk Copy 6 disk images) in the MacHome May 2000 CD (MacHome_May_2000.iso) in Applications/TeamAgenda/

German v. 4.0 in MACup macCD 85 in marktplatz/UNICORN/TeamAgenda 4

There are versions (some maybe the same) in various other collections, but the ones above look like a reasonable selection

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Hi there,

@mrdav: Thanks for the provided links. Wink

@stoltenberg: You're right, an English one would be great on a dedicated page here. I've owned a French version back in the days. IIRC, it was given with a French revue & I bought an update later at "ApplExpo" in France (tho' I don't know why, because it was not really useful for me). The authors/publishers were originally based in Montréal, Canada or at least for TeamSoft. So, as you may know, the French language is preferred over there, but they've also provided other language versions, at least English & German for example. I don't know if other language versions could exist. Perhaps... I've added the German version 1.0 for you here. But it's only the application, not an installer.

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Joined: 2010 Sep 26

Thanks a lot to both of you! You're great Smile

In the meantime i found a original box with version 3 at ebay.
Unfortunately the serial number for TeamAgenda Server 3 is still missing
and the „French serial“ from the version located on Macintosh Garden does'nt work?
I will build a disk image on the weekend and post it here …