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Tanaka 3d (Race)

An amazingly elegant, futuristic, hover racer somewhat similar to Wipeout. Earn money and fit out your craft with a balance of upgrades and weaponry.

'Tanaka is a 3D race game where "pilots" guide their crafts (vehicles) through the streets of the City of Tanaka in the year 2525.'

The demo of Tanaka was available on a few Magazine-bundled CD's, and you could buy and download online. The backing company, Pacific Media WorX, are no longer. The author is purportedly happy for the game to be available freely, and to that end it re-surfaced five years ago now here:

There was even talk of an OSX port by the author if the source code could be located. Not that it looks like it did, but someone did manage to find a version of the game and upload it to their .mac account. Unfortunately that link is now dead and the thread is now long-gone, although there seems to be some recent interest. User 'SAHunterMech' has posted in vain on this and the only other promising lead I could find out there in the form of another forum.

I managed to download a PC demo version that seemed teasingly promising running in VMware, with it's excellent albeit repetitive soundtrack, until it strangely quit on any alphanumeric input when entering the obligatory name and password, making the game effectively unplayable.

An original review linked to from the forum post above:

The best two (tiny) screenshots I could find:

Another review/spiel:

If anyone remembers or has any leads on finding even a mac demo then it would be appreciated.


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There's a "Tanaka Demo" available here:

I don't know if it's the one you want though, I haven't downloaded it.

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MileStones, you are a genius. Thanks to you both for your help.