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System Clock, SheepShaver and Expiring Install/Serial #'s

So... I'm trying to install MatLab 5 on my SheepShaver Mac running System 9.0.4. The serial number is expired, so it won't install unless I set the date back to some time in early 1997.

When I open the Date & Time control panel and try setting the system date back to May 1997, it changes. But only for a second. Then it switches back to the current date!

This is because SheepShaver is cheating with the way it implements the real-time clock hardware in the virtual Mac, and just fetches the current date and time from the host system.

It turns out that there's a work-around for this problem: There's a recent fork of SheepShaver that supports specifying offsets for both year and day from "epoch time". You have to specify them on the command line using the --yearofs and --dayofs options. Negative numbers put the emulated system date/time into the past by the specified amount. Positive numbers will have the opposite effect, setting the date/time into the future.

The only build I know of that has support for these options is the build by vasi dated 07-13-2019. It's linked to in the first post of the "SheepShaver for Linux" thread on the Emaculation forums:

If you need to adjust the Mac system time in SheepShaver, it should do the trick for you.


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I should really suggest kanjitalk755 roll that into his repo, since the bug squashing is currently in full swing.

BTW: that means that bin/cue support is now back, without the crashing bug. New binaries on Emaculation as of today.

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One workaround would be to simply change the host system's date/time instead, but could be a nuisance for stuff being done on the host system at the same time as using Sheepshaver. Smile

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Not just a nuisance. It could be catastrophic depending on what is being done on the host system. I don't consider that a viable workaround.

At least in this case with MatLab 5, I found a non-demo, non-expiring serial number. It's been added to the MatLab 5 page. So no messing with any clock or cracks to prevent expiration are needed for MatLab 5 anymore.