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System 7.X as .DSK files instead of .IMAGE files ?

Hello there !

I'm trying to resurrect a Mac SE FDHD from ashes and I have all the difficulties in the world to burn ".image" files on floppies.

I have 20 completely new verbatim 1.44 floppies (just unboxed), and burned like 17 of them using DD to write these images and so far, I have some very suprisingly random results. (some time it works writing & reading on the SE, sometimes it will simply not, or have corrupted programs which crashes the mac).

My current process is :

When I want to copy a .image on a floppy :

1) empty the floppy using :
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk3 bs=1k count=1440
(where disk3 being the one as seen in my disk utils for the USB floppy drive on my Macbook Pro)

2) copy image to floppy using :
sudo dd if=/tmp/Install\ 1.image of=/dev/disk3 bs=84 skip=1 && sync
(If i let it copy the image without wkipping the firest 84 bytes the mac will simply eject the floppy, not recognized)

At this point it may or may not happen during the DD phase that I have read/write error (no clue why, especially on these fresh new unboxed floppies, altough maybe these are new from an old stock)

Now... I have read almost anything I could find regarding how to deal with these antiques image formats and found that that HFVExplorer running in a VirtualBox on Windows XP would quite elegantly write .DSK images (not all the time neither... but still with better success than .images) it would also let me manually put some files which comes out of .SIT archives into a formatted-on-Mac-SE floppy.

Please don't tell me to use Disk Copy as the distributed images I could find are in... ".image" format and there fore I can't deploy it on my Mac SE since I can't write .image files.

I tried rawwrite on windows but it does not like this .image file format since it's proprietary to disk copy or something like that.

I also tries Winimage, but for some reason it won't let me use .image neither.

so.... what is the magic trick here Smile ? are all my floppies simply dead despite being new or is there some hidden dirty secret about how to deal with .image file on a modern computer ?

it would be a very nice addition to macintoshgarden to have the basics provided in .dsk format

thanks !!


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Meawhile I discovered :

Could be what I needed ! Will try it (converts .image to .dsk !!)

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DSK is not a unique file identifier sadly, but in the Macintosh universe it should be a DiskCopy 4.2 file.
MiniVMac may come in handy to "convert" DSK to IMG, as it does mount both file types.

For your SE FDHD resurrection, I would set up Basilsik II Build 142 on some Windows host.
This build does read/write 1.4MB HFS floppies like a charm.

dd sure is an option too, but you strictly need images of RAW type to feed it.
I wrote a little how-to over at Macintoshgarden years ago.
In short, you should best "fill" the RAW image with files via MiniVMac and write them to floppy with dd finally.
I made some working HD HFS floppies that way but usually prefer BII Build 142, as I have some Windows rigs with floppy around. Wink

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I Installed basilisk but not yet completely sure how to deal with it, i'll look into it Wink

thanks for your support !

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Do you own some old Windows rig with floppy then, blacklemming?
If so, the application you want is here:
The corresponding guide is this:

The app DL has all needed files included:


Add a bootable disk image e.g. from here and thats it.

Configure BII so that it finds the 7.5.3 volume with the BasiliskIIGUI.exe.
You also have to specify where the ROM is, amount of RAM, screen size and machine type.
After starting BII, when the OS is running, insert a floppy and press Ctrl-Shift-F11 on your PC keyboard.
The floppy is mounted as Mac floppy in Basilisk II.
From here, you may create all kind of HD floppies for your SE.
You may know that Stuffit could split large files exceeding the 1.4MB limit.

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I will explore these new stuff thanks !
Meanwhile I found somewhere a Prince of persia version in 2 uncompressed floppies images !
(I uploaded it to the game page for whoever might need it one day like me)