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Sorting in Category Lists

What's up with the sorting when selecting application/game lists from categories? I cannot figure out the pattern. Shouldn't it just be alphabetical?

Am I being a dick, or is this the type of thing I should be identifying?


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I'll try to fix this. The App entries bug has been fixed.

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Any thoughts on my first question? (The second question, at least the first part of it, has been conclusively answered in a different forum.)

I should probably elaborate a little bit. When you pick a category, App > Development Tools for instance, the first page that comes up are all development tools, and that page is pretty well sorted. In this example, "Bento (OpenDoc) v1.0d5," is right at the top of the page, and "mindCandy??" is at the bottom--after "WebTV Viewer 2.0" (Maybe it's doing a case-sensitive sort?) Moving on to the second page, "Ambrai Smalltalk" is right at the top, and it's properly sorted through to "Ultimate Mac Programming CD" at the end.

That behavior appears wrong to me. The sort should be applied to the results list before it is paginated, therefore putting the whole mess into one sort order, instead of each page being a random chunk of results, sorted. I'm wholly unfamiliar with the mechanisms being used behind the scenes, but I'm guessing that somehow that sort order needs to be specified in the query for the data, rather than to the results that have come back.