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Joined: 2009 Dec 7
Some urgent site upgrades required.

There's bound to be a few. Here two on my urgent "wish list":

For "GAMES" upload/edit pages (all):
There is only one "Link to game instead?:" button/field in Games uploads. Add a "Add Another Item" button here + the ability to do so, please.

For "APPS" upload/edit pages (all):
There's not even ONE "Link to app instead?:" button/field in Apps uploads. Please include one AND a "Add Another Item" button + the successive fields to do so.

Just a (hopeful) thought.

Any others?


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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

To be able to upload files as Application or Updates. There's already a separate link for documentation / manual. Having to describe which links are the updates is easy to fall behind, ie. "2nd and third links are patches" is ambiguous (does it include dead links or those too large for direct download from the site, or not ?) and if someone adds more links, somehow "pushing" the patch links further fown the list, it's wrong.

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Joined: 2012 Jan 27

Remove Drupal, use a PHP framework like CodeIgniter?