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Some updates on me

I finally decided to work on sharing this CD which I've had for over 10 years.

There is a problem, in that the CD is heavily scratched. Some data cannot be recovered or copied.

I'm up for sharing what did copy (over 95% of the CD) here if you guys want. There will be a text file of the stuff that didn't copy over. Maybe someone else has that CD and can provide an image: as far as I could tell, the CD is designed to resist imaging, or it could be that my disc is beyond imaging.

Also. I made the final update to the Guide recently, adding transfer rate figures from my T420's mSATA SSD, some of Haplain's cool machines and some other minor modifications. Hope you've been there recently -- I check in once in awhile and see people rehash and rediscuss things I've already written extensively about in detail.

Have a good time...let me know if you want me to send someone the CD contents I could copy.


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Nobody has anything to say? =/

Right, well in the Download Town section of the Guide there is some stuff that isn't found here, such as the Mac SECRETS 2nd Edition diskettes. They're there. I'll check back on this thread in about two weeks, and if no interest remains in the Shareware CD above, I'll probably delete the copied contents and throw the CD away. I think I've had it for over 12 years now. heh

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I had a scratched CD ( that had a severe gash down the side but Toast's Disc Recovery was able to make a pretty solid image of it.

Have you tried that? I did it on a modern Mac, but Disc Recovery was added a few versions back (probably in the PPC Mac OS X versions). My attempts to do it on Mac OS 9 weren't successful with Toast 5.

And I want to note that I appreciate your page and your work. I run (for giggles, really) a Hotline server on a Mac OS 9 PowerBook Ti with an IDE SSD, and getting data to/from that device while not impossible isn't as easy as Dropbox! That and my love of chopping up old Mac magazines to scan them and distribute them (

There's enough of us crazies to appreciate your full-fledged articles Smile

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Use GNU ddrescue. Use transportable storage to store recovery project. Copy log file, use new name, for each phase. Use every different CD drive you can find. Different drives will be able to read different sectors. The good news is, unlike a floppy, the disc will not really be harmed in efforts to read it, so you can leave it churning in different drives by ddrescue for days, if you feel like it.

Live OS distibutions can be very handy. Consider Finnix and System Rescue CD.

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Your guide is absolutely great.
Thats maybe a reason some here (like me) do hesitate to suggest the obvious, like trying the CD in question with an Apple CD300, to a person that knowledgable.
I gave away my Mac stuff over time. I might try with FusionPC and some old CD-ROM drives, if nobody else chimes in.
I bettered scratches on a CD with toothpaste, but you will have tried that too, methinks.

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I thought I'd check if anybody wanted anything off it.

Should I put up a ls -lR reading of the disc contents in case there is something interesting? Most of it is shareware anyways. I don't know much about it. I may look at using something to read the files I can't recover. I'm limited, however, to my iMac G4's built-in DVD-RW drive, a LG portable USB drive and my T420's built-in CD drive.