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Some Pages are Redundant.

I feel like some pages covering different versions of a single game contain pretty much the same content & could easily be merged. One example of this are the "StarCraft" & "StarCraft and Brood War For Classic MacOS" pages. Both literately have most of the same downloads, there's no reason for such redundancy. Another example are the "Fallout" & "Fallout (for Mac OS 7-9)" pages, as you could simply upload both to the same page and add a download list with a file description explaining which version of the Mac OS is required to run it.


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Sorry for practical necromancy, but a wise man once said "search if it's not asked before, instead of asking a question 2137 times". So i found this.

My personal opinion is as follows:
The Relevant Version Numbers, such as Microsoft Office 98, or Mac OS 8.1, should have their own pages.
The Less Relevant Version Numbers, such as Windows 3.0, Adobe Illustrator 6 for 68k OR PPC, or PopChar2.1.3.7, should be merged into one page, OR, with various generations (in general: 1.x, 2.x, etc.) have the per-generation-page.

I've uploaded Windows to the Windows 2.x article, which i had to rename, so there are three versions. I couldn't do the same with PopChar tho, since there were already two separate articles, one of which had "Pro" on a screenshot, but not on the description. I'd just add it to the one that's already on... if there was a single one, not two. Which is pretty redundant, useless and creates more clutter on the website.

But that's just my personal opinion.
BTW: if there's no one who wants to do the dirty work involving moving files around, i can do it.

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May i suggest you wait for the Admin to check those dup.