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Software for the Mac SE

Hi All,
Now that I have my SE up and running like it should I need to load some software I can enjoy
using. So can you SE owners out there tell me what software you are running, ones you enjoy
using that works well on the SE. I have upgraded to System 7.0 which is probably not the best
Idea since it uses just over one meg to load the system. But it has so much more that 6.08.
I'm looking for desk accessories, a screen saver and something that lets me put the time in
the menu bar.

Thanks in advance and really appreciate all the support.
Brad Hansen


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Screen Saver - After Dark 1.0 and perhaps After Dark 2.0 (at the latest).

Menu Bar Clock - SuperClock! v4.0.4 - It's pretty hard to beat.

As for finding other suitable software for your SE:

On every page for an App or Game that you visit here, there is a "Year released" field near the top right of the page, under the sub-headings "Rating" and "Category". Usually, this will have a year date included next to it as a link.

For example, Year released: 1989.

Click that year link and it will display several pages of software released during that year.

This way you can view a large amount of software released around the time of when your SE was new and which may be suitable to run on your Mac. Not all will be suitable or of appeal to you, but its a good way to sift through and try things for yourself.

If you try the same for years spanning 1984 to 1991 or even later years, you should find a lot of software suitable for an SE.

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Joined: 2017 Nov 9

Mike, great advise, Thanks!