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site wide download issues

I'm pretty sure this is probably just me and I've missed something, but it seems like every file I try to download is broken. For instance it says that number munchers was uploaded a little bit ago in the games uploaded so far list, but when clicking the link "" I recieve a file not found error. I tried with a couple of other files too, but this issue seems to be pretty much universal for me.


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I can confirm that I get the same error.

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Joined: 2009 Mar 21

Hey guys, I've just posted about this on the home page, big uploads!

Update 16 June: Big Uploads! You can now upload games/apps that are under 400MB. All files are now hosted with Amazon S3, some games are still moving over so a few pages will have a broken download link. I don't expect the 400MB limit to be raised any time in the foreseeable future, it would cost too much, we're yet to see if hosting large files is financially sustainable. It depends on how many big games people upload, and then how much demand there is for these files