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Joined: 2012 Sep 9
Site partnership suggestion...

I recently started a site for vintage Mac hobbyists and enthusiasts. It's not for hosting software, since this place is a really great resource for that. It's more for general questions, hardware mods, and other fun stuff.

One of the biggest reasons I started this is because of how militant a certain other vintage Mac community is about even the mention of obtaining abandonware for obsolete Macs.

What do you guys (the admins) think about maybe having a site partnership between the community I've created and Mac Garden? Since this site is more just on the software side, it might make a good pairing...


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Joined: 2010 May 20

May we see the site?

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Joined: 2013 Feb 21

Me too. I want to see what it looks like first.

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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

If it is written in Japanese or Chinese, you can't even read it. Tongue

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Joined: 2012 Sep 9

Of course!! I didn't want to link to it without asking first.

It's just me on there right now - I finished the site design and everything this past week.

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Joined: 2009 Apr 24

I have to say, shifuimam, this is excellent work on the GUI of your site. You have really taken the tired idea of styling a site like a pre-OS X GUI to an impressive, consistent new level. I've seen dozens of sites use this approach but none that great. Yours is doesn't "try too hard" or get in the way, it's just there while still being practical.

Do you work in the web development industry? If so I may be interested in contracting you for graphics / CSS work.

Great job on the site, I hope it grows. I know what you mean about the "certain other Mac community", which is really stupid and misguided on their part.

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Joined: 2011 Dec 3

The site looks pretty good. I see that you have the umich archive listed inder "other sites". Have you considered listing the infomac archive too ( Both umich and info-mac were two key sites back in the day.

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Joined: 2012 Jan 23

That is an exceedingly well done site!

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Joined: 2011 Oct 31

Well I can't comment on the partnership side of things but....I have lived in Michigan all my life so I love a site that links to the UofM...haha......
Looks like that will turn out to be a great site, simple and non-intrusive interface. As theos911 said "Exceedingly well done site".........I will be working on some macs soon, so I might post some of that info when I get to working on them......