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Should we start to archive old Sn Box€s and Readers?

I think is about time to start doing it, at least those for MacOS 7.xx to 9.xx.
It would not harm any developer anyway, because... who’s coding for the 9 these days?
and im seeing people here, specially newbies, asking for the sn or registering codes, and most of them have no idea even of how to use ResEdit.
It’s not like we re going to the dark side teaching kids how to hack an application...
The last box and reader for mac os 9 was a 2001-2002.
Kagi (widely used by old developers) as a payment site, is off bussiness.
And these old files are a true and rare items in the web.
What do you think?


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Sounds good, I have some of those sn databases somwhere.