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Shockwave Player 5 and Older Installer

I was able to locate the installers for Shockwave Player 6 and later, but cannot find the installers for version 5 and older.

If anyone has seen these on a shareware disc or something and could point me to where I could find them, it would be appreciated. I have checked the way back machine, but they were not archived from Macromedia's website.

I have a copy of Shockwave Player 4 and Shockwave Player 5 that are pre-installed, but not the actual installer.

These installers would essentially add the Shockwave plugin to the Netscape / AOL / Internet Explorer browser folder.


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The Shockwave 5 installers for Netscape and Internet Explorer are in the October issue CD (MacWorld_10-96.toast_.sit) of the Macworld 1996 CD-ROM Collection. Look in the "Inside Macworld" folder.